You can access all my slide presentations (Powerpoints) from this page.  Listed with latest at top.   My wish is that you enjoy them.
Robin Shepherdson.

Download by clicking on one of the links below.  You should see the file appear on the bottom line of the screen and you can click on the filename to open it.  You should also find it stored in your Downloads folder.  Open your Folder Viewer and look for the blue down arrow, Downloads folder.  Click the Date column header to put the latest download at the top, then double click on the icon at the left of the file name to open it.  To store it, move the file to your choice of storage folder.

Viewing with PowerPoint:  For this you must have Microsoft Office installed.  If you cannot open the file, it probably means that you don’t have the latest version of Powerpoint.  See Viewing Windows Media Video below.  Important:  If the opened version says “Protected view . . . , Enable Editing”, Click the ENABLE button or the music may not play.

Viewing Windows Media Video:  You can also download in wmv format for direct viewing, but the file sizes are much larger.  See the menu below and again, double click to download, double click again to view.  If you have a choice of apps to open the file, either “Movies and TV” or “Windows Media Player” can open them.  Ensure the volume is high to hear the music on all presentations and click the Full Screen icon at bottom right if viewing on your computer screen.

Please feel free to copy the pictures, provided that you acknowledge your source.

You can view these presentations on any computer.  However, they are better when viewed on a large screen such as a projector and screen or a large TV.  The latest Internet enabled TVs can view this page directly and view the wmv videos, or you can connect your computer to your TV.  See below for TV connection advice.

Slide Presentations

California, 2006 – 2018   (pptx)  Video version WMV   37 min.

Italy , 2007 – 2017   (pptx)  Video version WMV   33 min.

New Orleans, 2017   (pptx)  Video version WMV   23 min.

Greek Islands, 2015  (pptx)  Video version WMV   35 min.

Leaving Venice, 2015  (pptx)  Video version WMV   18 min.

Travels in Asia, 2013  (pptx)  Video version WMV  36 min.

Return to Dubai, 2012  (pptx)  Video version WMV   20 min.

Nan Lian Garden, 2011 (pptx)  Video version WMV   10 min.

Marooned in Paris, 2010   (pptx)  Video version WMV   16 min.

Alaska, 2009 – to come

Dubai, 2009  (pptx)  Video version WMV   40 min.

How to show your friends Hong Kong, 2009  (pptx)  Video version WMV   26 min.

Hawaii, 2007  (pptx)  Video version WMV   32 min.

Hong Kong, 2006  (pptx)  Video version WMV   29 min.

Two winter days in Whitby, 2006  (pptx)  Video version WMV   14 min.

Beautiful Britain, 1964 – 2006  (pptx)  Video version WMV   40 min.

Pub at Runswick Bay
The pub at Runswick Bay, North Yorkshire, England (From two winter days in Whitby)

TV connection from a laptop or other computer

If your computer has an HDMI connector, it’s easy to connect to a TV.  Find or purchase a cable of sufficient length and plug it into your computer.  plug the other end into your TV.  At the back you will find various connection options.  Locate an HDMI socket and plug the cable in.  Note the name of the connector or input. Example: AUX 1.  On your remote, click the Menu button and find the Input or Source selection.  Choose the one that you are plugged into.

The simplest way is to unplug the TV connection cable from your cable or satellite box and plug it into your computer.  This does not require any menu selection – it will run right away.

If your computer has only a VGA connector (with 3 rows of pins), you need a VGA cable and hope that your TV has a VGA socket.  Plug it in and follow the Menu selection above.