Weather filter for silo and bin measurement removes daily variations.

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The trend graph display eliminates weather effects, responds instantly on fills and very closely on discharges

There’s nothing like incentive!  A recent SiloWeigh.Net customer’s display was not doing well, showing huge daily variations due to very low stress in the supporting skirt.  We created a weather filter that eliminates most of these variations while responding instantly to fills.  The graph at right, showing unfiltered values in blue and results of the weather filter in white, says it all.  It responds instantly on fills and almost as quickly on discharges, while eliminating the variations due to weather. If you choose any competitor who uses bolt-on weight sensors, their display will respond according to the blue curve, with variations (dependent on the silo) of 15% in this case, but possibly up to 50% in many cases. These features are simply unique and are what make SiloWeigh.Net and SiloWeigh II Pro stand out against the competition.

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Unequal Divided Silo

In another ‘first’ for the whole industry, you can now install either SiloWeigh.Net or SiloWeigh II Pro on unequally divided silos.  You can install it on 60/40 split, or even 70/30, with confidence that they will perform perfectly.  We already have a number of installations displaying equally divided silos (50/50) and we can give you an on-line demo.  We have installed it on several unequal split silos now and they are available for you to see.  Contact us for details.

Nobody else has these techniques! See our website page for full details.  Other SiloWeigh features include:

  • High accuracy L-Strain sensors.
  • Check delivery amounts for shortages, even in the past.
  • Save data, setup/calibration and screen shots on USB flash memory.
  • New L-Strain sensor creates new applications for non-steel silos such as aluminum and stainless.
  • SiloWeigh II Pro and SiloWeigh.Net accept analog level sensors and liquid pressure sensors.
  • Remote display on chosen computers and phones through network and WiFi.

SiloWeigh, for silo and bin measurement, with its weather filter and divided silo displays, is used in concrete and cement, fracking sand terminals, grain, feed mills and farms, plastic resin pellets, explosives and blasting supplies, flour and many foodstuffs.  We welcome new dealer inquiries in most locations; contact us here.

See a live demo:  View, click Login and enter Username demo1 and Password demo1, then click Agricultural Innovations (a chicken farm) and Enter Company.  This will take you to a bar-graph display showing all silos.  Click any silo to see the trend-graph, then use <<, >>, Week etc. to zoom.

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