Unequal Divided Silos, Round or Square, Stacked and Shared Frame – SiloWeigh does them all

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SiloWeigh II can now handle unequal round or square divided silos, shared frame and stacked silos
Cement silos at a Dubai concrete plant

We have upgraded SiloWeigh II Pro’s software with several important new features. This makes it even more versatile for measuring the inventory weight in different types of silo (farmers call them bins). As well as silos of any size, on any number of legs, or skirts where the wall extends to the floor, we can now handle special applications:  

  • Both round and square divided silos with equal or unequal split.
  • Two stacked silos, one on top of the other.
  • 2 or 3 silos on a shared frame.
  • We have added a vibration and wind filter to our very effective weather filter to enhance your accuracy in difficult applications.
  • Multi-language operation.  French, Spanish, Chinese traditional or simplified.

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Other applications increase your ROI

Did you know that the SiloWeigh system can display other things too, to increase the return on your investment?  You can add up to four analog signal converters to each digital load sensing module. As a result, you can use them with with any industry-standard sensor output. Examples are:

  • Level, when weight cannot be measured, such as in joined silos and bins. Also in some cases, the variations due to weather are too great, or the stress in the structure is not enough for adequate accuracy.
  • Liquid level for admix tanks. By use of hydrostatic pressure sensors, we can add liquid levels at a much lower cost than weight measurement, and they give excellent accuracy too!
  • Temperature, for curing of concrete or other applications.
  • Moisture measurement and recording. If you need to keep a record of the moisture variations in your sand during the production day, this is an ideal way to do it.
  • SiloWeigh II has 6 inputs dedicated to pressure switches on the silos, to warn of clogged filters and prevent silo damage.

The Scale-Tron exclusive Weather Filter

The SiloWeigh.net trend graph display eliminates weather effects, responds instantly on fills and very closely on discharges
SiloWeigh trend graph showing filter response

Both versions of SiloWeigh have the Scale-Tron exclusive Weather Filter which effectively eliminates almost all variations associated with bolt-on sensors. However, it responds instantly to fills and very quickly to discharges, as seen in the picture at right. Unfiltered response, in blue, shows the variation that you would see with a competitor’s system. The white curve shows the filtered response, which is what you see on our main silo weight screen. 

SiloWeigh is lower in cost than the best 3D level sensors, when applied to 3 vessels or more.  With no moving parts, breakdowns are rare and it’s safer because there is no need to climb the silo. SiloWeigh II Pro handles up to 6 silos on a local touch screen while SiloWeigh.Net handles up to 32 silos at different locations, with Internet display (password required).  Both models handle unequal divided silos and stacked silos and the weather filter works equally well on all of them. SiloWeigh has three major benefits and many features:

  • Never run out of material again.  You get visual warning at Reorder and Low levels, plus audible warning if you need it. The result is no loss of production or missed deliveries.
  • Eliminate the risk of overfilling.  Blown filters and plugged lines are a thing of the past.
  • Identify and stop delivery shortages.  You can check every delivery, even weeks ago, against the delivery ticket, As a result, you are in command of the situation.
“This plant is the only one across Canada that has never run out of material or had a silo spill since SiloWeigh.Net was installed in 2015” says Barry Metzner, manager, Lafarge-Holcim, Western Canada area, July 2018.  One regular and one divided silo at Port Mann plant, currently installing SiloWeigh.Net at all plants in Western Canada.
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