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the L-Strain silo weight sensor compensates for the expansion of the underlying metal, making it extremely stable on steel legs and skirts as well as being applicable to aluminum and stainless steel silos.
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The L-Strain sensor is an advancement in sensors for silo weighing.  Compared with the previous generation of bolt-on silo strain sensors, it improves accuracy by two to three times and is comparable in performance to the weldable strain gauges but without their tricky installation issues.

L-Strain silo/vessel sensor Specification

Measurement type:Wheatstone bridge, same as most load cells, 350 ohm.
Output sensitivity:0.5 mV/V with applied load of 500 microstrain in steel structure.  Safe overload 400%.
Excitation voltage:5 to 15 volts
Sensor material:Stainless steel.
Environmental:NEMA-4, IP 66 weatherproof.  Temperature range -30 to +80C.
Cable:6 ft (2 m) 26 AWG 4-conductor shielded.
Wire colors:+ excitation Red, - excitation Black, + signal Green, - signal White, shield Yellow.
Mounting:Three parallel mounting pads for use on flat or slightly curved surface.  Can be mounted on highly curved or uneven surface by use of spherical washers.
Limits on vessel capacity:No limit since structure is normally designed to support the vessel, which usually gives sufficient stress.  Practical limitations are with small vessels where structure is overdesigned and stress is too low for good accuracy.  Use Stress Calculator (below) on all applications to be sure of successful results.
Download Stress Calculator Excel file.    For information on SiloWeigh display models, Click Here