SiloWeigh.Net silo and bin inventory system uses L-Strain sensors and DAQ connected to a PC computer showing bar-graphs of up to 32 vessels plus trend-graphs and many other features, plus optional Internet display with identical features.
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SiloWeigh.Net silo inventory systemSiloWeigh.Net pairs the L-Strain sensors with a computer-based display, giving capacity for 32 silos displayed as bar-graphs or a trend-graph of each individual silo.  Any computer on the local network can view the silo/tank/bin inventory using a web browser.  A cloud-based database displays all the company’s vessels through the Internet.

Silo Capacity and stress: All silo capacities can be measured.  The limitation is the stress in the support structure.  Acceptable stress is in the range 1500 to 15,000 lb per sqaure inch.
Material type: All types of steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
Number of sensors/vessels: Up to 50 sensors or 32 vessels can be powered from each DAQ cabinet.
DAQ display method: DAQ acts as a web server to computers on local network.
Display accuracy and resolution: 24 bit converter, capable of display in far greater resolution than required.
Overall system accuracy: Dependent on structure being measured.  Typically ±2% of full scale value.
Connection method: Cable or radio between vessels and DAQ or from DAQ to computer network.
Digital set point relays: 8 to 24 Opto-22 relays settable to any value, close on rising or falling values. 2 inputs are Audible Alarm Cancel and Master Cancel, other inputs available to create custom message.
Power: 110-250V AC, 50 W max or 24VDC. Solar power also available.
Temperature range: Sensors: -40 to +70°C (-40 to +160°F).  Display: 0-50°C (32-120°F).
DAQ construction and size: ABS plastic, chemical resistant, NEMA-4X, 13`x 13`x 8`deep.
Local display: Bar-graph/trend graph display from local database, showing all silos at one location.
Embedded PC computer: 64 GB flash drive, 2 GB RAM, software pre-loaded and configured, Windows 7 or later, embedded version, in steel 20″ x 20″ (500 mm x 500 mm) NEMA-4 enclosure.
Connection to local network and Internet: Ethernet to local network or cellular modem directly to SiloWeigh.Net cloud server.
Touch screen built-in display: 15″ color XGA touch screen, NEMA-4 rated, in embedded computer cabinet, with replaceable plastic screen protector.
Local GUI: Separate apps for setup and calibration plus browser based display of silo bar-graph, trend graphs and DAQ parameters.
Internet display: Bar-graph/trend graph silo, tank or  bin inventory display from central database, includes all vessels at all locations (32 max).
Internet alerts: Programmable Email and SMS text alerts on chosen alarms.

Download Stress Calculator Excel file.    For touch-screen and Basic SiloWeigh models, Click Here