SILOWEIGH Basic – vessel weighing with weight indicator

For low cost vessel and silo weight display, you can’t beat the value of SiloWeigh Basic.  Designed for farm feed bins and similar applications where a very basic display is adequate, SiloWeigh Basic uses L-Strain sensors with a simple weight indicator showing the current weight of the vessel contents, without all the extra features.
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Lowest cost for one to three vessels

SiloWeigh tells you the contents of any silo, feed bin, tank or storage vessel. Better than silo level measurement, SiloWeigh measures the actual silo weight to give a true picture of the amount on hand – and it costs less than a high-end level sensor. How it connects and operates . . . Read more
General purpose weight indicator used in CraneWeigh and SiloWeigh Basic

All systems:

  • Install and calibrate the silo weight system yourself.  We deliver a kit with complete instructions. All necessary cables are provided and are color coded.
  • Calibration is straightforward, using the weighed deliveries as reference.
  • Alternatively, we have trained installation experts at various US and Canadian locations – call us for details.

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