Silo, tank and feed bin weighing with Internet access

SiloWeigh.Net pairs the L-Strain sensors with a computer-based display, giving capacity for 32 silos displayed as bar-graphs or a trend-graph of each individual silo.  Any computer on the local network can view the silo or tank inventory using a web browser and a cloud-based database displays all the company’s vessels through the Internet.
Most silos on legs and skirted silos use the L-Strain silo weight sensor. However, SiloWeigh can use pressure sensors to measure liquid level, load cells for high accuracy and weldable gauges for special applications.SiloWeigh II can also use any 4-20 mA analog sensor, allowing you to gain more value by recording temperature or moisture values.
The L-Strain silo weight sensor compensates for the expansion of the underlying metal, making it extremely stable on steel legs and skirts as well as being applicable to aluminum and stainless steel silos.
SiloWeigh vessel inventory systems are self-install kits. You can do it yourself from scratch, and we provide the critical tools. Read on and see how simple it really is, or ask for our installation training presentation. If you wish, we can do it all for you; just call us.
Can SiloWeigh be installed on any type of silo leg? Is there any limit to the silo size or capacity? Will it wear out in a few years? How easy is SiloWeigh to install? This page answers these questions and others.

The accurate inventory system for silos, bins, tanks and storage vessels that you can install yourself

SiloWeigh.Net silo inventory system in use at Baker-Hughes, California
SiloWeigh.Net displays up to 32 silos. Phone app too.

Never run out of material again – Visual warning at Reorder and Low levels, plus audible warning if you need it, to prevent loss of production and missed deliveries.
Eliminate the risk of overfilling 
– Blown filters and the ensuing environmental hazards are a thing of the past.
Identify and stop delivery shortages
 – Ability to check every delivery, even weeks ago, against the delivery ticket.  As a result, you are in command of the situation.
SiloWeigh is perfect for feed bin weighing, silo or tank inventory measurement; any storage vessel in fact.  Better than  level measurement, SiloWeigh measures the actual weight of the vessel and contents or uses a liquid hydrostatic level sensor to give a true picture of the amount on hand.  Furthermore, it costs little more than a bin level sensor.

For a live demonstration, Click Here, click Login and enter ‘demo1’ for the user and password.  Note that this site uses our original Silex sensors and weather filtering software, both of which have been upgraded since.  Click on Agricultural Innovations, a chicken farm, and Enter Company.  Click on any silo to see the trend graph, then ‘week’, ‘month’ etc. as appropriate.

Do you have less than 6 vessels?  Don’t need Internet viewing?  Check our other models here.

“Been running V2 on 8 silos for over a year now. Unbelievable how accurate the system is. Using both Silex sensors and weldable gages on older silos and has been trouble free. Only needed to contact us when system had to be moved onto main server and service was excellent”.   Matt, Chicopee Concrete Services Inc., October 2014.

Embedded PC

Embedded PC and touch screen makes SiloWeigh.Net completely self-contained
Embedded computer and touch screen
  • With the addition of an embedded PC computer in a larger (20″ x 20″) cabinet, SiloWeigh.Net becomes self-contained, with all the software installed and set up for your application, ready for “Plug-and-Play”, connection to the local network and SiloWeigh.Net’s cloud server.
  • Request the optional 15″ TFT color touch-screen on the front panel, as shown.  This turns it into a full-featured system with local display.  It also has connection to the local network and the Internet when desired.
  • SiloWeigh’s L-Strain sensors are temperature compensated; they cancel the effects of the structure’s expansion with temperature while measuring the compression due to load.  Typical accuracy ±1 to 2% of full scale when all four legs are gauged. Skirted silos – expect ±5% of full scale:
  • Mount the legs on Load Cells for higher accuracy (0.1%) (see Applications page).
  • All-weather. Sensors, wiring and junction boxes meet NEMA-4, IP66 and you can set up the dust and spashproof industrial touch screen display system in a convenient indoor location.
  • No moving parts for long life and reliability.
  • History trend graphs for any silo/tank/vessel in the company.
  • Viewable on computer, Ipad, Iphone, Android and Blackberry phones with no additional app.
  • In-plant hard wired programmable alarms.
  • Software alarm log at plant and company level.
  • Email alerts and refill order generation.
  • Combine solids silos and liquid tanks/vessels by use of our liquid level sensors.
  • Because digital transmission retains full accuracy and reduces wiring, you can run a single cable to all storage vessels.
  • Unlimited number of silos/vessels, groups and locations.
  • The only vessel inventory system (along with Siloweigh II Pro) that handles unequal divided silos and stacked silos.
  • Connect all 4 sensors separately.  Diagnostic display pinpoints a bad sensor and bypasses it until a replacement can be fitted.
“This plant is the only one across Canada that has never run out of material or had a silo spill since SiloWeigh.Net was installed in 2015” says Barry Metzner, manager, Lafarge-Holcim, Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada area, July 2018


Silo transmitters are connected by a single digital cable, saving on wiring.
Digital transmission uses just one cable for all silos

CABLE or RADIO transmission reduces wiring between silos and DAQ unit to a single digital connection.  Due to this, it reduces installation time and preserving full accuracy.  Main display can be up to 10 miles (16 km) from silos.  This is perfect for feed bin weighing on large farms, tank inventory recording or blasting supplies in large mines and quarries. Digital Junction Boxes connect to all sensors at each vessel.  The DAQ unit gathers digital data from all vessels, storing it for transmission to a local computer and assuring no-break operation.  The associated computer acts as a web server, allowing any computer on the local area network to view the levels in all vessels or a detailed view of one vessel with a trend graph, using just a web browser.

“Inventory control used to be a nightmare.  Since we installed SiloWeigh.Net, it’s a breeze”.  Ray Young, Oldcastle Building Products, Ogden, UT. Installed 2017 with 2 local silos by cable, one 200 ft away, one 1000 ft away and one at 1 mile, all connecting by radio link.


Program the 8 to 24 optional relay alarm setpoints to light visible indicators, sound audible alarms or operate pinch-off valves to prevent overfill.  Additionally, up to 8 inputs can accept alarm cancel buttons or overpressure switches to prevent filter blowout.

Divided and stacked silos

Yes, we do divided silos, any division ratio.  Most companies cannot handle vessels that are divided to store two separate materials.  Regardless of the position of the partition or the percentage split, SiloWeigh.Net uses all four legs signals to compute the weight in each side.  It’s just as easy to install, just as easy to calibrate. SiloWeigh.Net also handles stacked silos (one on top of the other).

Liquid tanks and level sensing

For liquid tanks, a hydrostatic level sensor (tank pressure sensor) is lower cost than a set of leg sensors and it’s more accurate too.  An adapter board connects four hydrostatic pressure sensors – four tanks – to one DJB for a further saving on tank and vessel inventory.  We can also record the levels in joined silos, to complete your installation when we cannot use the legs.  Don’t forget, you can add  temperature measurement or moisture measurement too.  They all improve your ROI.

Best service in the business” says Greg Roache of Gainey’s Concrete Products. May 2017
No complaints at this point.  The system is working great and has helped us identify some significant gaps between what we should be receiving and what we actually did receive”  Chris Allensworth, Nestle, Jonesboro, NC. Nov 2018

All systems:

  • Install and calibrate the system yourself.  We deliver a kit with complete instructions. All necessary cables are provided and are color coded. Calibration is straightforward, using the weighed deliveries as reference.
  • Alternatively, we have trained installation experts at various US and Canadian locations – call us for details.