The silo inventory system based on weight

SiloWeigh tells you the contents of any silo, feed bin, tank or storage vessel as a continuous inventory value. Better than silo level measurement, SiloWeigh measures the actual weight of the vessel and contents to give a true picture of the amount on hand, and it costs less than the best level sensors.
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The accurate inventory system for silos, bins, tanks and storage vessels that you can install yourself

SiloWeigh measures silo inventory by weight. The silo software can handle up to 32 vessels.
Identify and stop delivery shortages

SiloWeigh gives you the ability to check every delivery, even weeks ago, against the delivery ticket.  Consequently it puts you in command of the situation.  You can use SiloWeigh II Pro and SiloWeigh.Net silo and bin weighing systems to measure delivery amounts by use of the history recording feature.  It’s not admissible in a court of law but it’s good enough to tackle your supplier or trucker.

SiloWeigh is the only system with an advanced weather filter. This eliminates most of the daily variations due to weather, giving you a more accurate and more stable reading as a result. It doesn’t prevent fast performance either. During fills and fast discharge periods it switches to a faster response to minimize delay. Note that the Basic model does not have this feature.

Never run out of material again

The silo software lets you easily see the levels in your silos, tanks or other vessels.  It gives you visual warning at Reorder and Low levels, plus audible warning if you need them, to prevent loss of production and missed deadlines as a result.

Eliminate the risk of overfilling

You can forget about blown filters and the ensuing environmental hazards.  They are a thing of the past.  Due to SiloWeigh’s High and Overfill alarms, you see immediately when the levels are exceeded and audible warnings alert the truck operator.  You can add a pinch valve also, if you wish to positively prevent an overfill.

Our L-Strain sensors are temperature compensated. They cancel the effects of the structure’s expansion with temperature while measuring the compression due to load.  Typical accuracy ±1 to 2% of full scale when all four legs are gauged . . . Read more

  • You can mount the legs on load cells for higher accuracy (0.1%) (see Applications page).
  • It’s an all-weather system. Sensors, wiring and junction boxes meet NEMA-4, IP66.  You can set up the dust and splashproof industrial touch screen display system in a convenient indoor location.
  • You can use radio connection to replace the cable when it’s inconvenient or for long runs of up to 10 miles.
  • It has no moving parts, giving long life and reliability.
  • Safe installation – no need to climb the silo.
“We monitored and found that SiloWeigh works extremely well in all our silos and is the most effective inventory management system.  We have no hesitation in recommending it for anyone wanting a precise inventory figure at any time.” Salman H. Said, Synaxis Readymix, Dubai.

General purpose weight indicator used in CraneWeigh and also in SiloWeigh Basic for silo and bin weighing

For a low cost silo and bin weighing system, you can’t beat the value of SiloWeigh Basic.  Designed for farm feed and grain bins, and similar applications where very basic silo monitoring is adequate, SiloWeigh Basic uses the same L-Strain sensors as our touch screen and Internet-based systems but replaces the advanced silo software with a simple weight indicator.  This shows the current bin or silo inventory without all the extra features.  You get an indoor, NEMA-12 indicator with universal voltage power adapter; its bracket can be bolted to any surface.  Controls include Zero and Tare buttons which can be used to measure fill and discharge values.

SiloWeigh II shows silo level measurement by weight for up to 6 vessels as bar-graphs or trend-graph

For one to six vessels and local display, SiloWeigh II Pro is your ideal choice for silo inventory.  You get a touch-screen display showing up to 6 vessels as bar-graphs or a zoomable trend-graph.  This shows you the previous 14 days of data.  It is packed with extra features such as delivery measurement, hard-wired alarm outputs and our advanced weather filter.  No other manufacturer offers this filter, which keeps your readings steady throughout hot sun and snowstorms while responding instantly to fills and discharges.  Without it, you can get jumps of 20% to 50% and more, lasting several hours.

You will find SiloWeigh II Pro silo level measurement system extremely simple to use, with multi-lingual English, French and Spanish menus.  Other languages are available on request.  You can also use analog liquid pressure and temperature sensors to extend the usage: liquid tanks, level where the vessel has no legs, temperature for recording curing cycles and moisture when used with the Aqua-range of sensors.  And it handles divided silos or silos on a shared frame.  No other manufacturer can do this.

If you can’t use all six of SiloWeigh II’s display channels, add  liquid tank volume, temperature measurement or moisture measurement.  They all give you a better ROI.

No complaints at this point.  The system is working great and has helped us identify some significant gaps between what we should be receiving and what we actually did receive”  Chris Allensworth, Nestle, Jonesboro, NC. Nov 2018


SiloWeigh.Net displays the local vessel weights on any local computer and all the company's vessels over the Internet

When you have lots of vessels or need the Internet display, SiloWeigh.Net is your choice.  SiloWeigh.Net is an advanced silo level measurement system.  Its silo software includes a database holding the weight history of all your vessels. Qualified personnel can access your inventory anywhere.  Local vessels are displayed on any computer in the local network.  You can link to the cloud-based database to present all the company’s vessel data through any Internet browser with the appropriate passwords.  No other manufacturer offers our advanced weather filter, which keeps your readings steady throughout hot sun and snowstorms while responding instantly to fills and discharges.  Without it, you can get jumps of 20% to 50% and more, lasting several hours.

Click HERE for live demo in a real plant.  Login with Username: demo1, Password: demo1. Click on any silo to see the trend graph.  Use the << >>, Week and Month buttons below the graph to zoom to other dates.

SiloWeigh.Net also handles divided silos with any split ratio.  No other manufacturer can measure divided silos.  In addition, measure liquid tanks with pressure sensor and input adapter.  You can also monitor, graph and record temperature, moisture and other parameters.  Contact us for more details.

Don’t forget, you can add  liquid tank volume, temperature measurement or moisture measurement.  They all improve your ROI.

“This plant is the only one across Canada that has never run out of material or had a silo spill since SiloWeigh.Net was installed in 2015” says Barry Metzner, manager, Lafarge-Holcim, Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada area, July 2018.  One regular and one divided silo at Port Mann plant.

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