Build your scale any size with two scale bars

We design high-accuracy and high-speed OEM scales and weighing systems for the self-checkout industry. Furthermore, we manufacture them in high volume.
Turn your bridge crane into a crane scale by adding sensors to your support columns.
If you can’t use CraneWeigh, here’s a classic crane scale with wireless connection to its indicator
Scale-bars allow you to make a scale of any length and various widths
The latest weight transmitter uses USB for power and data, with extremely low noise, jitter of 1 in 100,000 and an advanced filter for fast response.
Scale-Bars use load cells to make weigh platforms of any length
Two scale-bars make a scale. A load cell transmitter connects it to your computer

The Scale Bar is the latest innovation in scale technology.  Locate two Scale Bars at the ends of a weigh platform that can be any length.  As a result, you have a scale.  In addition, the Scale Bars themselves are telescopic, allowing you to tailor the width of the platform as well.  The internal load cells, identical in size, can be selected from several capacities.  The result is a system that allows you to use a single set of components in a family of scale platforms of many sizes and capacities.  We can design load cell mounts to fit your application.  Contact us now!

Scale Bars are available with Auto Cal load cells;  you can replace load cells without need for recalibration.  When used with our Auto Cal transmitters, you can recalibrate the scales without need for test weights - anywhere in the world . . . . Read more

The Scale Bar’s load cell is fully overload protected to withstand years of abuse.  Use your own indicator, add one of our indicators or take one of our transmitters for direct computer or PLC connection.

Note:  Although the Scale Bar’s accuracy meets all legal requirements for 5000 divisions, this scale is not NTEP or Canadian Weights and Measures approved.  If required, contact us regarding this subject.

For special applications, you can connect up to four Scale Bars to a single transmitter for use in dual-platform, single scale designs.

Auto-Cal load cells give you an edge

Auto Cal is a shunt-calibration system that, when used with suitable Auto Cal load cells can eliminate test weights after the initial calibration.  Shunt calibration is a method of using a resistance in parallel with one arm of the load cell bridge to simulate a known load.  Once the scale is calibrated, the resistance is switched in and the reading recorded, for use in subsequent accuracy checks and recalibration.  When load cells are manufactured to tight tolerances they can be interchanged without need for recalibration, contributing further to the Auto Cal system. Other Auto-Cal items are Mini-Mount load cell assemblies and Scale Transmitters.


Scale Bar Specification

Platter size - Length:
6" (152mm) minimum
3" (76mm) including rubber platter support
Width, model R1900:13.5" (343mm) to 16.5" (400mm) in 0.75" (19mm) steps
Width, model R1890:17.5" (343mm) to 20.5" (400mm) in 0.75" (19mm) steps
Capacity:100kg/220lb maximum
Load cell:Vishay 1042 or equal, 10 to 100 kg, 1.85mV/V output, 6 ft (2m) cable
Transmitter  1932:Serial RS232 output, mounts separately
Transmitter 1945:USB output, mounts separately.  Powered from USB cable
Power to transmitter 1932:12V DC or wall adapter, 110/120V or 110/240V AC, 50/60 Hz, 5W.


Splashproof stainless steel platter and base
Analog 4-20mA, 0-5v or 0-10V transmitter model 1410
Weight Indicators
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