Measure your load weight – while you are loading

Turn your bridge crane into a crane scale by adding sensors to your support columns

General purpose weight indicator used in CraneWeigh and SiloWeigh Basic

Now you can weigh each item as it is loaded onto your truck . . while it is supported by your overhead crane! CraneWeigh is a simple and foolproof way to verify your truck loading and ensure you meet maximum load limits. No lost time to visit a local truck scale, and the cost is lower than most hook-based crane scales. Just pick up your load and run the crane directly over the gauged support columns; the indicator shows the weight of the piece, regardless of the position of the trolley and hook on the bridge . . . Read more

CraneWeigh measures the stress in two crane support columns and when the crane is positioned over them, the crane and its load can be weighed. If the columns also support the roof structure, it is still possible to get good weight readings . . . Read more