High Volume, Low Cost OEM Scales

Weighing systems for automatic self-checkout, in-store and similar applicationsWhether it’s for a commercial application such as self-checkout, industrial light capacity or conveyor scale, we have the knowledge and capability to design high-accuracy and high-speed weighing systems, and manufacture them in high volume.  Our design team consults with the client to provide confidential conceptual designs for new, innovative methods of weighing to meet unique new demands.

Industrial Weighing Systems

Minor ingredient batching scales for vitamins, colors and other powdered ingredients in wide ratiosYou can benefit from our 40 years experience in industrial weighing systems, from unique knowledge of all types of load cell to custom electronics and computer software.  We also provide:

CraneWeigh, measures crane load weight with bolt-on sensors
Load cells and mounting assemblies
Crane scales and platform scales
Weight indicators and transmitters
Special sensors for load sensing
Silo inventory systems by weight