High Volume, Low Cost OEM Scale Designs and Weighing Systems

We design high-accuracy and high-speed OEM scales and weighing systems for the self-checkout industry. Furthermore, we manufacture them in high volume.
Turn your bridge crane into a crane scale by adding sensors to your support columns.
If you can’t use CraneWeigh, here’s a classic crane scale with wireless connection to its indicator
Scale-bars allow you to make a scale of any length and various widths
The latest weight transmitter uses USB for power and data, with extremely low noise, jitter of 1 in 100,000 and an advanced filter for fast response.
RL Scales weighing systems for automatic self-checkout, in-store and similar applications These scale designs, use Mini-Mount load cell mounts
Complete scale incorporating Mini-Mount weight sensors and 1945 USB weight transmitter

Whether it’s for a commercial application such as self-checkout, commercial and industrial light capacity or conveyor scale, we have the knowledge and capability to design high-accuracy and high-speed OEM scales and weighing systems.  Furthermore, we manufacture them in high volume.  Our RL Scales design team consults with the client to provide confidential conceptual scale designs.  These include new, innovative methods of weighing to meet unique new demands or to meet critical cost goals. We can design custom load cell mounts to fit your application.  Contact us now!

RL Scales Self-Checkout scale components

The 1217 analog load cell transmitter replaces the 1410 with all-surface-mount technology
1417 analog weight transmitter
Scale-Tron's RL Scales division is one of the leading manufacturers of bag scales for the self-checkout industry.  We supply extreme accuracy, high speed OEM scales to the world's leading producers of automatic checkout point of sale (POS) terminals.  These 'S.C.O. scales' sit under the bag-racks and carousels of many self-checkout counters worldwide.  They measure the change in weight for each product scanned, checking the weight against the internal database.  As a result, the honesty of the people scanning their purchases is verified.  Past and present scale designs include the following.  You can use these OEM scale components in your own scale designs with confidence, knowing that they are well-proven and reliable.  Or you can ask us to create new weighing systems for you . . . Read more

Load cell mounts for scales

  • Fixed size platforms on large single-point load cells.
  • RL Scales ‘Scale-Bars’ with single-point load cells inside a set of two U-channel frames.  These are used for support of platforms with various lengths.  Different models suit different platform widths.
  • Conveyor scales and conveyor load cell mounts for use in self-checkout, with special conveyors using balanced drive drum motors.
  • RL Scales Carousel platforms, with ‘X-frame’ bottom structures, ‘brick’ style single-point load cells and ‘star’ type top frames with wheels supporting the rotary platforms.
  • RL Scales Planarcell (patented) planar load cells in cast metal bases with overload protection.  Use four Planarcells to support a platform of practically any size.
  • RL Scales Mini-Mount (copyright protected) mini-single point load cells in cast metal bases with overload protection.  Use four Minimounts to support a platform of practically any size.

Weight transmitters and associated electronics

  • RL Scales transmitter model 1945 giving 50,000 division resolution, very low noise and jitter and very fast response while rejecting shocks and vibration. USB power/communication, supports up to four load cells and has a dedicated Windows application for setup and calibration.
  • RL Scales transmitter model 1932 (obsolescent) giving 20,000 division resolution and very fast response while rejecting shocks and vibration.  RS232 communication, supports up to four load cells and uses standard terminal emulator software for setup and calibration.  Superseded by 1945, above.
  • Scale transmitter DJB2  giving 24 bit resolution and raw, unprocessed 4-channel output.  12/24V power, RS485 multi-drop communication, supports up to eight load cells.  Uses addressed commands to communicate with multiple scales on a single RS485 cable.
  • Scale transmitter model 1417 (pictured at right), single channel analog processing with variable gain and offset, plus variable signal filtering.  Supports up to eight load cells.  Output is 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-5 V or 0-10 V.  Bare board, NEMA-4 enclosure or DIN rail mounting.
  • Summing unit model 1280 with DIN rail mount, NEMA-4 enclosure or bare board handles 2 or 4 load cells.

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Industrial Weighing Systems

Minor ingredient batching scales sit on load cells to weigh vitamins, colors and other powdered ingredients in wide ratios
Powder batching system with Vibrascrew feeders and high accuracy hopper scales

As a result of our 40 years experience in industrial weighing systems, we have a unique knowledge of all types of load cell, custom electronics and computer software.  Because of this, we can offer solutions from a single design load cell weighing system to high quantity applications.  Contact us for design ideas and pricing.  We also provide:

  • CraneWeigh, measures crane load weight with bolt-on sensors.
  • Load cells and mounting assemblies.
  • On-hook crane scales with radio communication to indicator at floor level.
  • Platform scales of any size and quantity, from 200 g capacity to truck and rail scales.
  • Weight indicators and weight transmitters.
  • Special sensors for load sensing, custom designs and applications. We can design load cell mounts to fit your application.  Contact us now!
  • Silo inventory systems by weight.