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Imagine your plant with ultra-reliable concrete automation, accurate aggregate moisture measurement and silo inventory management

  • We are Scale-Tron Inc., manufacturer of batching controls, sensors, silo inventory, self-checkout scales and concrete equipment.  We focus on the Concrete Industry and Precast Concrete in particular.
  • If you are searching for cylinder scales, see Scaletron Industries.  If you are searching for medical scales, see Scaletronix.  If you want more information on Scale-Tron Inc. or concrete automation, read on:

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BatchTron plant automation is a full-featured ultra-reliable batch controller

BatchTron Features & Benefits
  • We have designed-in operational features such as automatic self-tuning that eliminate batch weighing errors and wasted product.
  • All the controls and the weight displays are on the screen; consequently broken switches and loose wires are a thing of the past.
  • Everything is in one cabinet, therefore no boxes, cables and connectors to go wrong.
  • Mobile Control tablet computer gives you full control from anywhere around the plant.
  • No Windows software – guaranteed freeze-proof as a result.
  • Alarm messages for every possible fault mode to pinpoint the problem, allowing fast correction.
  • Manual control of every function.  This allows you to continue running until plant equipment problems can be fixed.
  • Built-in mixer moisture control avoids the need for a second controller.

AquaSense moisture level sensor for concrete measures the moisture of sand and fine aggregates

AquaSense Features & Benefits
  • Bin Empty plus two programmable digital alarm outputs warn of moisture outside limits.
  • Due to the stainless steel body and thick ceramic faceplate, wear is negligible.  Consequently we can guarantee it for 10 years.
  • Because it averages over the whole batch, it is consistently more accurate than oven dry tests.
  • Easy one hole installation; no welding necessary.
  • Calibration of the AquaSense 2280D online moisture probe is fast and easy due to its Windows Graphic User Interface (GUI).
  • You can re-use or discard older calibration values. Dynamic Calibration makes past readings as relevant as your latest values.
  • Internal storage of all calibration results makes each sensor independent of a particular computer.
  • Since the complete manual is stored in the software app, it available at the click of a button.
  • Industry standard digital and analog interface.  As a result, it’s compatible with all control systems.
We received a referral from a trusted supplier that we should talk to Scale-Tron about upgrading our manual operated batch plant in Nevada.  We were impressed with the attention to detail in your quote and were further impressed by your responses to our questions about your company and your products.  We ordered a BatchTron control system and are truly amazed with how many yards an hour this old plant can produce.  Scale Tron is our new operating system partner.  They did everything they promised and didn’t gouge us with hidden fees.  Thank you for all your help Chris and Robin.  Patrick Schaefer, G.M. Jetcrete North America, 2018
Best service in the business” says Greg Roache of Gainey’s Concrete Products. May 2017

SiloWeigh silo inventory system

SiloWeigh Features & Benefits

Identify and stop delivery shortages. In addition, save money on refill transport through better scheduling.  Silo level sensing and inventory by weight gives the ability to check every delivery, even weeks ago, against the delivery ticket.  Consequently it puts you in command of the situation.

  • History trend graphs for any silo, tank or vessel in the company.
  • In addition, compare delivery amounts with truck weight tickets.
  • Viewable on computer, Ipad, Iphone, Android and Blackberry phones.
  • Unlimited number of silos or vessels.  This is especially relevant to companies with many locations, who can see all on one screen.
  • The only silo level and inventory system that measures divided silos and shared frame silos; no other manufacturer has these silo algorithms.
  • Visual warning alarms at High and Overfill levels, hence preventing blown filters and subsequent environmental issues.
  • Symbols change color at alarm levels.
  • Hard-wired alarms can connect to horns and lights to warn filling operator.
  • Special silo software removes weather-induced instability but reacts instantly to real weight changes; no other manufacturer offers this but without it, you will see errors of 20% to 50% lasting several hours.

Customers & Applications
  • Many National Precast Concrete Association members use BatchTron concrete batch systems to run their plants.  Members Greg Roache of Gainey’s Precast, Paul Heidt of Garden State Precast, Randy Lindsay-Brisbin and Michael Hoffman of Lindsay Precast are all Scale-Tron customers, as well as several NPCA founder members.
  • These members chose BatchTron because of its reliability and because our knowledge of the precast industry helps them to produce more efficiently.

AquaSense concrete moisture sensor in a precast concrete plant

  • Twin Valleys Precast, near Edmonton Alberta, use two AquaSense 2280D microwave moisture sensors in their sand bins.  Installed in 2014, they continuously monitor moisture content of aggregates to correct the dry material weights for batching on a daily basis.  They produce concrete for prestressed oil pump bases and wall panels.
  • Greg Roache of Gainey’s Precast, near New Orleans, installed an AquaSense 2280D moisture probe with his BatchTron control system in 2016 and it is in daily use.

Installing silo inventory system in a Dubai concrete plant

  • Deewan Equipment in Dubai has installed hundreds of SiloWeigh silo level indicator systems throughout the U.A.E. over the last 12 years, replacing some 3D radar sensors.  As a result, they are in use in most of the ready-mix plants in Dubai and surrounding Emirates.
  • Lafarge Canada, a subsidiary of Lafarge-Holcim, in Port Mann BC, installed SiloWeigh.Net on the plant’s silos in 2015 and because of its success, compared with 3D radar sensors, they want to extend it to all plants.
  • Adams Oldcastle has SiloWeigh II silo inventory system installed in fifteen of their precast concrete plants on the U.S. Eastern Seaboard in 2017 and early 2018.  They agree that it beats 3D radar level sensing.
Inventory control used to be a nightmare.  Since we installed SiloWeigh.Net, it’s a breeze”.  Ray Young, Oldcastle Building Products, Ogden, UT. Installed 2017 with 2 local silos by cable, one 200 ft away, one 1000 ft away and one at 1 mile, all connecting by radio link.
“No complaints at this point.  The system is working great and has helped us identify some significant gaps between what we should be receiving and what we actually did receive”  Chris Allensworth, Nestle, Jonesboro, NC. Nov 2018
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