AquaSense 2280D microwave moisture meter builds on past successes to give you a totally new, reliable moisture sensor that stands up to the rough environment of concrete plants.
AquaSense 2280D is suitable for many different applications for moisture measurement, from aggregate moisture to powdered and granular products.
AquaSense 2280D is a moisture probe or sensor, for use in sand, powders and granulated materials. Its hard ceramic faceplate is rugged and hard wearing, giving 10 to 20 years service in concrete applications.
AquaSense 2280D uses a Windows Graphic User Interface (GUI) for setup and moisture calibration. Here’s how it works:
Hardware for use with AquaSense and AquaMix.
Why do we need moisture measurement in the sand bins? What is the effect on the concrete? Why do we still get variations in slump or moisture? What is a mixer water dosing system? What is a slump meter? Answers to these questions and more below.
Can I take a sensor calibrated for sand and use it on other materials? Can I use AquaSense 2280D’s sampling feature for on-the-fly batch correction? Which is the best output choice, 0-10 volts or 4-20 mA? This page answers your Moisture, Frequently Asked Questions and others.

AquaSense 2280D measures the moisture of sand and many other granulated or powdered products.  It communicates with a control system which corrects the dry material weight targets for batching.  Consequently it gives you constant yield, colour/texture and workability, as well as strength and durability.  For more general information on moisture measurement, see our range of Moisture Sensors.

AquaSense 2280D Moisture Sensor Specification

Measuring range:0 - 20% moisture, calibrated for sand. Other ranges and materials on request.Can be calibrated for surface or total moisture, "wet" or "dry" calculation basis.
Material limits:From powder to ¼" granule size. Readings become more erratic as size increases.
Sensing volume:W=2" X H=2" X D=10" at 2% moisture, to  D = 2" at 10% moisture (in sand).
Analog output:0-20mA, 4-20mA. 0-5V, 0-10V etc. by use of external resistor.
Digital RS232 & RS485 connection:Bidirectional, industry standard protocol and command structure supports up to 16 sensors on the same RS485 line.
RS232/RS485 Display & setup:Windows software displays readings, and allows access to setup and calibration menus.
Material calibration storage:Up to 10 separate sets of material calibration parameters.
Power:11 - 30VDC, 100mA
Sampling input:Dry contact or relay from feed gate signal. Optional replaceable relay in junction box.
Bin low and alarm outputs:Three open collector transistors to drive relay or PLC input. Optional 140VAC 6A solid-state relay for Bn Low in junction box; other outputs require separate relays.
Temperature range:Full accuracy: 0-50°C (32-120°F).  Reduced Accuracy: 0-80°C (32-175°F)
Construction:304 stainless steel body and flange with shatterproof extra hard alumina ceramic faceplate.
Size:3-1/2" (89mm) diameter, 20" (508mm) long with 6" (152mm) adjustable flange for correct positioning.
Guarantee:10 year guarantee on material and workmanship; return for replacement.

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