PC application makes setup and moisture calibration easy

AquaSense 2280D microwave moisture meter builds on past successes to give you a totally new, reliable moisture sensor that stands up to the rough environment of concrete plants.
AquaSense 2280D is suitable for many different applications for moisture measurement, from aggregate moisture to powdered and granular products.
AquaSense 2280D is a moisture probe or sensor, for use in sand, powders and granulated materials. Its hard ceramic faceplate is rugged and hard wearing, giving 10 to 20 years service in concrete applications.
AquaSense 2280D uses a Windows Graphic User Interface (GUI) for setup and moisture calibration. Here’s how it works:
Hardware for use with AquaSense and AquaMix.
Why do we need moisture measurement in the sand bins? What is the effect on the concrete? Why do we still get variations in slump or moisture? What is a mixer water dosing system? What is a slump meter? Answers to these questions and more below.
Can I take a sensor calibrated for sand and use it on other materials? Can I use AquaSense 2280D’s sampling feature for on-the-fly batch correction? Which is the best output choice, 0-10 volts or 4-20 mA? This page answers your Moisture, Frequently Asked Questions and others.

Serial connection setup

Single AquaSense 2280D moisture sensors can use either RS232 or RS485.  For multiple sensor systems, you can connect sensors in daisy-chain or bus fashion . . . Read more
USB/RS485 adaptor plugs into computer.  The RS485 protocol is Modbus compatible, allowing you to use the sensors in SCADA systems. Load the software onto a laptop or PC from CD or internet and run through the guided setup of your serial port. Same software is used for both AquaSense aggregate moisture sensors and AquaMix mixer moisture sensors.  You can even connect them on the same RS485 line if the batching controller can handle it.

Discover sensors

Click the Discover Sensors button and the software automatically makes the connection, runs through all sensors on the line and reports back as seen at left . . . Read more
It identifies each sensor, showing you which ones are on-line, together with the current moisture readings in filtered and raw states and the temperature at the sensor faceplate.

Configuration screen allows you to enter setup parameters with easily understood titles.  For more complex parameters, a complete manual is available at the click of a button, embedded within the software. Multiple languages are available directly on the menu – contact us for availability of your choice.

Calibrate your sensor

Moisture calibration screen displays current moisture value and raw value, plus temperature reading.  Table allows you to enter oven-dry test results, along with corresponding sensor readings . . . Read more
You can select or disable each set of readings according to the graph at right or a “consistency” value that shows the best fit of your readings,.  Consequently you will obtain the best moisture calibration curve. You can enter up to 10 such tables for different materials such as sand and different sizes of aggregates, allowing you to use the same bin and sensor for these different materials with full accuracy. Included in the moisture probe calibration software is a full instruction manual and a guide on doing oven-dry moisture tests.

Download PC computer application software

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