The North American moisture sensor with the 10 year guarantee

AquaSense 2280D microwave moisture meter builds on past successes to give you a totally new, reliable moisture sensor that stands up to the rough environment of concrete plants.
AquaSense 2280D is suitable for many different applications for moisture measurement, from aggregate moisture to powdered and granular products.
AquaSense 2280D is a moisture probe or sensor, for use in sand, powders and granulated materials. Its hard ceramic faceplate is rugged and hard wearing, giving 10 to 20 years service in concrete applications.
AquaSense 2280D uses a Windows Graphic User Interface (GUI) for setup and moisture calibration. Here’s how it works:
Hardware for use with AquaSense and AquaMix.
Why do we need moisture measurement in the sand bins? What is the effect on the concrete? Why do we still get variations in slump or moisture? What is a mixer water dosing system? What is a slump meter? Answers to these questions and more below.
Can I take a sensor calibrated for sand and use it on other materials? Can I use AquaSense 2280D’s sampling feature for on-the-fly batch correction? Which is the best output choice, 0-10 volts or 4-20 mA? This page answers your Moisture, Frequently Asked Questions and others.

Aquasense 2280D measures the on-line moisture content of fine aggregates such as sand and crushed stone used in concrete.  It will also measure many other granular materials. Its microwave technology eliminates all errors associated with resistance and capacitance methods, guaranteeing an accurate reading every time. 

Product features

Easy one-hole mounting in the wall of any bin or hopper.  This allows the moisture sensor to be inserted into the flow region above the gate.  Measurement of the stagnant material between the flow region and the bin wall must be avoided . . . . Read more
  • You can install the AquaSense 2280D probe in sand without emptying the bin.  Just dig a hole and slide it in.
  • The angle of the sensing head packs the flowing material precisely.  This is important to achieve the best accuracy.
  • Internal software averages the moisture values during the flow period.  It also holds this reading between batches.
  • One-step digital calibration using laptop computer or batching system, makes setup simple.
  • You can calibrate it to read either surface moisture or total moisture.  Total moisture includes the water inside the granules of material.
  • You can store up to 10 material calibration sets in the sensor, for use with multiple ingredients.
  • Consistently more accurate than oven dry tests.
  • AquaSense 2280D on-line moisture sensor is manufactured in North America.  Consequently, this guarantees you fast service, repairs and parts.
  • Instruction manuals are in North American English.  As a result, they are easy to understand.
  • Accessories include mounting flanges, junction boxes, cables etc.

Installation, Calibration, Operation

AquaSense 2280D was designed for use in concrete production applications.  It gives you constant yield, colour/texture, workability, strength and durability . . . . Read more
  • Empty bin detection holds the reading when material falls below the sensor, to avoid spoiled batches.
  • Bin Empty plus two programmable digital alarm outputs give warning of moisture outside limits.
  • Stainless steel body and thick ceramic faceplate give long, wear free life.
  • Easy to mount; no need for accurate positioning.  Mounting accessories included in kit.
  • Internal software with Dynamic Calibration allows you to use older readings or discard them.  Hence, accuracy is better.
  • Sensor stores all calibration results internally.  In consequence, it makes each sensor independent of external software.
  • Windows Graphic User Interface makes setup and calibration fast and easy.
  • Industry standard digital interface is compatible with all control systems.
  • Call us about a trial in your plant; we can arrange it. After your payment is received, we ship your sensor. If you want to return it up to 30 days later, you can do so for full refund.
Chris, the sensors are working great; we periodically do moisture tests to compare and the results are within 0.2% thus far.  Stan Dean,  General Manager, Milepost Manufacturing, Alberta, Canada, May 2018.

For more on different applications see Find the Best Sensor for your Appication. For a discussion of Free or Surface moisture compared with Total Moisture, click here. For an overview of all moisture related products, see Moisture Measurement.

AquaSense microwave moisture sensor
AquaSense 2280D moisture sensor
AquaSense installed in bin showing flow of material
AquaSense should be mounted in the center of the flow region