The rugged microwave Mixer Moisture Sensor

AquaMix microwave mixer moisture sensor controls the water dosing to give consistent moisture or slump in the final product.

AquaMix microwave mixer moisture sensor with its mounting flangeThe AquaMix digital microwave on-line concrete mixer moisture sensor is highly sensitive to moisture changes in the mixer.  Installed in the concrete mixer floor or wall, it measures the material as it is mixed.  The ever-changing moisture value connects to the control system for measurement and concrete moisture control.  The high-tech Silicon Nitride ceramic used for the AquaMix sensor’s faceplate is almost diamond hard; thicker and tougher  than anything else in the industry.  As a result, it endures the harsh abrasion of the aggregates as they mix.

Product features

AquaMix mixer moisture sensor with its adjustable jackscrew assembly

AquaSense corrects the dry weights of material in the batch. AquaMix corrects the water in the mixer to give constant yield, colour/texture and workability, as well as strength and durability . . . . Read more

Faceplates and wear

Silicon Nitride cap, at left, shows no wear while Alumina at right is at end of life

Most manufacturers of microwave mixer moisture sensors use a ceramic known as alumina, which is aluminum oxide, Al2O3. This material is very hard and tough, lasting months to years in concrete mixer applications; this depends on the volume of concrete produced and the abrasive qualities of the aggregates. One major manufacturer has switched to sialon, an aluminum oxide / silicon nitride composite giving wear superior to alumina. In 2002 we investigated sialon and silicon nitride, settling on silicon nitride, Si3N4 for all future production. This material is harder than both alumina and sialon . . . . Read more