Three methods of moisture control give you the best way to operate

AquaControl  controls the water dosing in the mixer to give consistent moisture or slump in the final product.
Combine a rugged microwave moisture sensor with the power of BatchTron or AquaControl plus some advanced moisture control software to give major savings over competitive systems while maintaining top performance and solid reliability.


When you need really accurate control of slump for wet cast or moisture for dry cast, the MasterMix moisture control sequence will give you fantastic performance; speed and accuracy second to none. The moisture of the ingredients is measured after they enter the mixer. Based on the known weight of materials in the mixer and their moisture, the water required for the mix is calculated from the formula value minus the amount contained in the aggregates. The water is then added quickly via fast and slow valves . . . . Read more


If your business is dry cast concrete - precast, block or pavers, MicroMix will give you the moisture control that you need. Consistent quality that doesn't cost a fortune. MicroMix monitors the moisture while adding water until the correct value is obtained. This method is just as accurate as MasterMix but is slower. If speed is not all-important, MicroMix will save you money . . . . Read more

Fast MicroMix

The FAST version of MicroMix gives the same short mixing cycles as MasterMix and is easier to set up. This system requires a water meter, so is a little more costly than MicroMix but it is just as good for certain applications. Note that it will not handle wet cast (slump) concrete except for some types of SCC . . . . Read more

With Fast MicroMix and a well adjusted mixer, you will make better product, saving money and increasing profit.