Versatile Touch-Screen Moisture Controller with three choices of operation

AquaControl  controls the water dosing in the mixer to give consistent moisture or slump in the final product.

AquaControl moisture controller uses AquaMix sensor to measure moisture in the mixer and control the addition of water.AquaControl touch-screen moisture controller, together with the rugged and accurate AquaMix moisture sensor, gives three different methods of concrete moisture control.  This allows you to choose the best, most accurate control method for your plant and product.  You will see up to 30% improvement in speed, compared with older resistance-based methods.  The PLC software is the same as used in BatchTron; fast and reliable.

Product features

With AquaControl's full color 7 inch touch screen, everything is easy to see and understand. The display gives you a 'Window' into your mixer's operation - it's intuitive . . . . Read more


The AquaControl screen showing the 3 filter stages as mixing proceeds, for perfect concrete moisture controll

AquaControl's screen shows the moisture of the mix graphically throughout the mixing cycle. As a result, each stage can be monitored. For the first time, the operator is able to see the concrete mixing process in action . . . . Read more