AquaSense, the best way to measure aggregates; it’s the only one with a 10 year guarantee

Imagine reliable concrete production with consistent quality.  AquaSense, the accurate, rugged and reliable, microwave moisture sensor can do it.

Product features

AquaSense moisture level sensor for concrete measures the moisture of sand and fine aggregates

Made in North America, with 10 year guarantee, next day service and phone support. The AquaSense microwave moisture sensor measures the moisture of sand and aggregates. It is reliable and stands up to the rough environment of concrete, asphalt and frac sand plants as well as many other applications . . . Read more

When you use AquaSense microwave moisture meter in concrete production batch control, it gives you consistent yield.  In addition, consistent colour/texture, consistent workability, consistent strength and consistent durability.

Spoiled batches are eliminated because empty bin detection holds the reading if the material level falls below the sensor.

Bin Empty plus two programmable digital alarm outputs warn of moisture outside limits.

Due to the stainless steel body and thick ceramic faceplate, wear is negligible.  Consequently we can guarantee it for 10 years.

Because it averages over the whole batch, it is consistently more accurate than oven dry tests.

Easy one hole installation; no welding necessary.

Call us about a trial in your plant.

Calibration of AquaSense moisture meter for concrete plants

AquaSense calibration is fast and easy due to its Windows Graphic User Interface (GUI).

You can re-use or discard older calibration values. Dynamic Calibration makes past readings as relevant as your latest values.

Internal storage of all calibration results makes each sensor independent of a particular computer.

Since the complete manual is stored in the software app, it available at the click of a button.

Industry standard digital and analog interface.  As a result, it’s compatible with all control systems.

Setup of AquaSense sensor for measurement of the moisture content of aggregates

Chris, the sensors are working great; we periodically do moisture tests to compare and the results are within 0.2% thus far.  Stan Dean,  General Manager, Milepost Manufacturing, Alberta, Canada, May 2018.

Customers, examples

AquaSense concrete moisture sensor in a precast concrete plant

Twin Valleys Precast, near Edmonton Alberta, use two AquaSense microwave moisture sensors in their sand bins. Installed in 2014, they continuously correct the dry material weights for batching on a daily basis. They produce concrete for prestressed oil pump bases and wall panels. . . . Read more

Sintra, near Montreal, have used several Scale-Tron microwave moisture sensors for many years to measure the moisture of the aggregates used in asphalt.  They adjust the dryer to optimize efficiency.

Greg Roache of Gainey’s Precast, near New Orleans, installed an AquaSense moisture level sensor with his BatchTron control system in 2016 and it is in daily use.


AquaSense moisture content sensor being installed in a frac sand plantSmart Sand, of Tomah WI have been using several AquaSense sensors since summer 2017 to measure the moisture of quarried fracking sand before it runs through the dryer.  The sensor modulates the burner to dry the sand while minimizing the use of energy.

PLB International, near Montreal, has used Scale-Tron microwave moisture sensors for many years in the manufacture of dog food.

AquaSense measures the moisture content of aggregate and sand.  In addition, mineral ores, coal, clays, starch, animal feed, sludge and many other materials.  Contact us about your application.

The company

Training a group of users on BatchTron III at Hanson’s New Orleans plant.

Company history and background
Scale-Tron started building control systems over 40 years ago.  SiloWeigh silo inventory system, using weldable gauges and bar-graph indicators, was introduced in 1990 and was an instant success.  Now upgraded with L-Strain boltable sensors and three different indicators, it is used in all industries which need to store bulk materials.  It’s a self-install system but if you need help, three engineers and two product specialist technicians are available for startup supervision, support, service and training.

Company technical personnel

Three engineers and two product specialist technicians are available for startup supervision, support, service and also training:

Robin ShepherdsonRobin Shepherdson, President and company founder. Professional engineer for over 40 years.  He has designed most of the company’s equipment and directs R&D as well as supervising all aspects of the company’s business.

Marian EnachescuMarian Enachescu, BSc, P. Eng. Senior engineer. Professional engineer for over 20 years, specializes in BatchTron, AquaSense and SiloWeigh.  He has added many of BatchTron III’s major features and supervises installations and startups across North America.

Robert Xiang HuRobert Xiang Hu, BSc, Senior engineer. Joined Scale-Tron over 20 years ago.  He is responsible for most of BatchTron I and II’s recent upgrades.  Based in Washington DC, he is our primary installation and startup expert, traveling between his home and job sites.

Chris ShawcroftChris Shawcroft, General Manager. Came to Canada with HNC Mechanical Engineering.  He has spent over 7 years with Scale-Tron, first as Service Manager and now as General Manager.

Samir Bouadin, technician. As our newest team member, Sam, who is a qualified automation/electrical  technician, is presently responsible for quality assurance.  He also maintains our UL certification.

Best service in the business” says Greg Roache of Gainey’s Concrete Products. May 2017


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