High Pressure Concrete Mixer Washout Really Does a Job

Imagine what you could do with 1/2 hour of extra production, every shift

  • Until you’ve seen the mixer washout system in operation, you don’t realize what power the jets of water have.
  • It takes high pressure AND a high volume of water, but as a result the combination is really effective in cleaning concrete deposits off any surface.
  • And if it can clean concrete off, it can clean anything off.  HP Washout can be used for food and many other applications.
  • Watch these concrete mixer cleaning videos and contact us below for live references and pricing.

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Extra production, improved safety

High pressure concrete mixer cleaning

Product Features & Benefits
  • Once you use High Pressure Mixer Washout to automatically clean your concrete mixer or many other types of vessel, you won’t look back, because it’s highly effective.
  • Faster mixer cleaning gives you 30 minutes extra production every shift, while guaranteeing safety.
  • No need for anyone to enter mixer.  As a result, you get over 5% more productivity at no extra cost. Payback is a few months.
  • Better employee morale and safety. Easily installed rotating jets are fully automatic.
  • The high pressure mixer washout pump unit gives 1000 psi pressure at full flow of 20 gpm.  As a result it is suitable for all concrete mixer washing applications up to 12000/8000 (10.5 yd) size.
  • The reservoir is big enough for a full wash cycle.  It has automatic refill and low-water pump shutoff.
  • Coupled with Scale-Tron’s control unit, the complete system gives you a highly effective, reliable and flexible concrete mixer washout solution.

Concrete mixer washout rotary head

Empower your crew

  • Eliminate most of your arduous end of day concrete mixer cleaning routine and as a result, save on your cost of cleanout labor.   Proven European mixer cleaning heads have powerful high pressure jets that rotate in two axes, horizontally and vertically, for effective mixer cleaning.
  • Offset head positions eliminate shadow behind shafts in single and twin-shaft mixers.
  • Pump unit is built on steel channel frame for long life.
  • Reservoir capacity is 150 gallons; plenty of reserve for even the biggest job.
  • Reservoir and high pressure pump are separate, therefore allowing location in tight corners if required.
  • You also get a hand-wash high pressure gun and hose with awesome cleaning power.
  • Compatible with all types of concrete mixer except rotating drum type, and many other applications.
  • Companion control system includes starter and safety disconnect switch to give manual or automatic cleaning of your concrete mixer, food mixer or other vessel.
  • You can change nozzles and heads to suit different applications, pump pressures and rates.
  • Available as complete kit or individual components, buy or lease.

Concrete mixer washout control system

Manual/Auto Controller

The controller’s internal PLC gives you the ultimate functionality.  You can choose manual operation, timed wash cycle or remote control from batching controller.  When you select concrete inter-batch wash, the water can be timed or metered and used in subsequent batch.

PLC display for concrete mixer washing system

Best service in the business” says Greg Roache of Gainey’s Concrete Products. May 2017

Many satisfied users

Concrete mixer washout system at Twin Valleys Precast, Alberta

Customers & Applications
  • Twin Valleys Precast, near Edmonton Alberta, installed High Pressure Mixer Washout, using the older LC200 washout heads, in their new precast plant, 2014.  They use it every day in the manufacture of prestressed panels and oil pump bases, HP washout keeps their mixer spotless. Likewise, they also use it for general cleanup of chutes and buckets.
  • Lindsey Precast installed High Pressure Concrete Mixer Washout in 2015 and 2016.  They use them daily for concrete mixer cleaning in their Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and three Colorado precast plants.
  • Wieser Concrete uses two High Pressure Concrete Mixer Washing systems in their Maiden Rock WI precast plants.
  • Garden State Precast in New Jersey installed High Pressure Mixer Washout with their plant upgrade and new mixer in 2017.
  • Other High Pressure Concrete Mixer Washing customers include Bluffton Precast, OH, Boyd Brothers, Ottawa Ontario, Zement Stone, Denver CO and more. Call us for references.

Concrete mixer after the washing cycle

Our High Pressure Washout gives tremendous performance and it saves 1/2 hour every day.  The hand cleanup gun is a powerful tool.  Buzz Morgan, Lindsay precast. December 2015
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