Installation, startup and after-sales service

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Installation, startup and after-sales service.
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Service training at Hanson New Orleans by Marian Enachescu, P. Eng.
Training operators at Forterra New Orleans after retrofit

Your success is our success, and the best way to guarantee success is with good equipment, well maintained, run by well trained staff.  Our motto is PQRS – Performance, Quality, Reliability and Service.  Service and Product Support are very important to us, both during installation and startup.  Afterwards when operators can change, maintenance might be lacking and various skills may not be obtainable.  During and after installation we provide the following services:

  • Erection, electrical installation and startup – “one stop shop” to avoid conflicts.
  • Operator training – group sessions and individual coaching to ensure your personnel are up to speed by the time we leave.
  • Phone and internet follow-up once plant is running – all the help that you need is free for the first year, so take advantage.
  • Refresher courses, on-line or on-site – valuable if an operator is replaced, or just to maximize efficiency.
  • “Plant checkup” visits to find and correct plant weaknesses, plus plant tune-up to improve quality and speed as well as reduce unplanned costs.
  • Fault troubleshooting and tune-up though phone and on-line service to get you running quickly.
  • Spare parts with same-day shipping if you happen to have a breakdown.

As well as a full-time service manager, service staff includes a minimum of three engineers, two software specialists and three technicians at all times.  After-hours service is provided by 24/7 email and phone contact with designated employees.  Our first-year warranty includes unlimited help, advice and support.  Following this period our staff is available at an hourly rate without any formal agreement.  We also offer several support packages for our control systems.  Our typical prices below are for a BatchTron I installation with mixer.  Compare these with competitive suppliers and see how we rate for the equivalent package.  Furthermore, you can take the package any time and we don’t charge for back-years if you have not taken it for a while, like one major competitor does:

Service and Support Packages

Service by the hour – We don’t turn you away if you don’t have a service contract, or force you to pay back-years.  Immediate support anytime at $150.00 per hour.

Bronze package – unlimited priority phone support.  Typical annual cost $1050 (USD).

Silver package – unlimited priority phone support plus on-line internet connection to your batch controls and free software updates.  Typical annual cost $1500 (USD).

Gold package – unlimited priority phone and on-line support, plus free replacement of faulty controller parts.  Typical annual cost $2100 (USD).

Platinum package – unlimited priority phone and on-line support, plus free parts replacement, plus an annual 2-day Plant Checkup visit.  Typical annual cost $3500 (USD) (travel and expenses extra).

Separate Plant Checkup – Two day visit ($1800 plus travel and expenses) can be provided at any time to check all batching items: aggregate gates, conveyors, cement silos, aeration, scales, sensors, air filters, hoppers, mixer, mixer discharge, control settings and tuning, reporting computer, software and database etc.  A typical visit results in several items requiring attention;  one typical customer told us that our visit saved them $150,000 per year in cement through faulty aeration.

All packages – Typical response time is immediate transfer to your designated engineer and problem resolved within 1 hour; parts shipped same day using next morning delivery.

Technical Training

Training courses – We can provide training of groups or individuals both on-site and at Scale-Tron’s premises, including operation, optimization and maintenance of the following: