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Sono-Vario, a Better Moisture Sensor

Sono-Vario uses TDR radar techniques which make it capable of measuring sand to over 1″ aggregate with high accuracy.

Utilize ALL your SiloWeigh channels for better ROI

The SiloWeigh II indicator is a versatile machine with powerful features. By adding some low cost sensors you can use your unused channels to display other things and increase your Return On Investment

Silo Inventory at Jing Chye

The story of SiloWeigh installation at the world’s largest plastic cup company.

Divided Silos & Stacked Silos in Latest SiloWeigh Update

Unequal Divided Silos, Round or Square, Stacked and Shared Frame – SiloWeigh does them all.

BatchLink, Powerfully Simple Dispatching

Imagine Order Entry / Dispatching Software that Works the Way You Do.

How to avoid bursting your silo

When you take delivery of new product, are you sure your filters are working properly? A pressure buildup can burst your silo.

Ventilation, Dust and Your Controls

All control systems generate heat. The normal way to remove excess heat is with external fans, but even when filtered they let in fine dust. This explains the problem and shows how you can cure it.

Why your Slump Meter should use a Watt Transducer

A Slump Meter measures the effort as the concrete is mixed to determine the slump, or flowability, of the concrete. An ammeter gives errors but a watt transducer has much better accuracy and it’s more sensitive too. Find out why.

Mini-Mount platform applications

Mini-Mounts allow you to create a scale platform, any size and many different capacities, without running into problems along the way. Use our 1945 USB transmitter for computer connection or any indicator, such as our TI-500E, for a stand-alone scale.

Surface moisture or free moisture?

The only water which can react with the cement in your mix design is the free water. Water bound in your aggregates is not available. This article explains the reasons behind it.

Find The Best Moisture Sensor For Your Application

Moisture sensors for concrete plants have their similarities and differences. The operating principles differ and this explains how to choose between them.

SiloWeigh Upgrades Boost Performance

SiloWeigh’s weather filter makes it unique, eliminating the often large daily weather variations. It handles divided silos too. Read here how we do it

October 2017 – BatchTron II upgrade

The BatchTron II batch controller has been upgraded with new screen symbols. Users can now choose plant configurations from a huge selection of menu choices