CraneWeigh, Bridge Crane load weighing – without loss of headroom

Imagine life without any truck overload fines. No lost time visiting a truck scale because you can weigh everything on your bridge crane scale.

  • CraneWeigh digital crane scale ensures you meet truck loading limits.
  • No need to visit a local truck scale, and especially relevant, the cost is lower than most hook-based crane load scales.
  • Just pick up your load and run the overhead crane over the gauged support columns.
  • Indicator shows weight of load, regardless of position of trolley and hook on the bridge.

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CraneWeigh digital crane scale for bridge cranes uses the stress in the crane support columns for weighing
Features & Benefits
  • The CraneWeigh digital crane scale measures the stress in two opposite bridge crane support columns, which is converted into a weight reading by the indicator.  When the bridge is located over these columns, the indicator reads the bridge crane load on the crane hook.
  • L-Strain sensors, as used in our best-selling SiloWeigh products, use high quality metal foil strain gauges, as in load cells.  Because of this design, it gives superior stability and accuracy.
  • The L-shaped design also compensates for expansion of the metal column.  We have demonstrated typical accuracy of ±1 to 2% of full scale when two support columns are used to measure bridge crane weight.
  • Mount the industrial crane weighing indicator in any convenient location. You don’t have to squint at a display up in the air, and it doesn’t need charging either; it plugs into any convenient outlet.
  • No loss in headroom for a load cell because the crane is untouched.
  • It’s simple to install and calibrate the system yourself because we deliver a kit with complete instructions. We provide all necessary cables and we have color coded them to simplify your installation as a result.
  • You can calibrate it easily, using a known piece weight as reference.  Or you can call your local scale company and use their weights.
  • Alternatively, we have trained installation experts at various US and Canadian locations – contact us for details.
“Its really accurate, easy to use, improves our safety and it’s a lot less expensive than a conventional crane scale”.  Greg Roache, Gainey’s Concrete Products, August 2018.

CraneWeigh scale for overhead cranes measures your truck loads right on the crane

Customers & Applications
  • Gainey’s Concrete products, near New Orleans LA, installed the first CraneWeigh scale for overhead cranes in 2015.  In fact, CraneWeigh was Greg Roache’s idea in the first place: at an NPCA meeting he saw the SiloWeigh sensors and suggested we use them for weighing bridge crane load.
  • Lindsey Precast installed a CraneWeigh scale for overhead cranes in 2016 in their Ohio plant.
  • Lee’s Precast uses CraneWeigh crane load scale in their Aberdeen, MS, precast plant.
  • Other digital crane scale customers include Barbour Concrete and United Concrete Products.
  • Call us for references.
Best service in the business” says Greg Roache of Gainey’s Concrete Products. May 2017