Fuseless starter panels that match your control system

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Scale-Tron motor control centers are the reliable link between the control system and your plant.  All the motors: mixer, conveyors, vibrators, screw feeders, can be centrally controlled from one modern fuseless panel.
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Our motor control centers are supplied to all industries - not just concrete. We have the capability to design and build any type of control system, very small to very large. We can supply startup engineers at the job site to ensure everything works out as planned. Scale-Tron is a UL and cUL certified Panel Shop. We specialize in fuseless designs; the motor control panels do not usually require fuses, even on the incoming power line. All motor starters are protected by individual circuit protection modules which trip on an overload and are easily reset. As a result, any tripped breaker results in a named alarm on BatchTron's touch screen, allowing fast diagnosis and correction . . . Read more


  • Isolate one motor and leave others running. Each motor circuit protector has its own isolation switch, allowing you to isolate one or any combination of motors.
  • Small size of components and compact layout shrinks the cabinet size to half the size of older fused starter panels.
  • Rail mount, modular assembly means that replacement is quick and easy – just disconnect and snap out. Likewise, adding extra starters is just as easy.
  • Soft Starters for motors of 30HP and over give smooth starts.  This is easy on both motors and power lines, reducing your downtime.
  • Programmable kickstart gives mixer motors the necessary boost when starting on a full load.
  • Because Scale-Tron is a UL and cUL certified Panel Shop, CSA approval is guaranteed, if you need it, by our use of approved components throughout. We construct all panels to National Electrical Code, Canadian Electrical Code or other local code requirements.
  • Wire numbering is a continuation of the BatchTron or your control system numbering system, making it easy for local personnel to trace connections and maintain the system.
  • We provide CAD schematics and parts listings for all panels.
  • We stock all parts either at our plant or our local supplier for quick shipment in emergencies
  • Parts available locally:  Rockwell S&S starters and circuit protectors are normally used throughout;  these are identical to, and can be directly replaced by Rockwell Allen Bradley parts, available everywhere.  Call us for details.

Parts, additions and service

Soft Starters are normally Rockwell S&S type PFS for motors of 50HP and over, PCS for under 50 HP.  The PFS series includes LCD display of motor current, fault alarms, running time and many other premium functions.  In consequence, you can monitor operation and diagnose faults on these expensive and critical motors.  We also routinely supply VFDs (inverters) for motor speed control and couple these to the control system for speed setup.

Panel-mounted current meters and power monitoring can be added at any time.  This allows you to monitor critical processes or devices such as hidden conveyor belts.  Individual reset and manual trip buttons are internally located. We can provide these on the front panel if required, for extra safety.

If you need plant wiring run diagrams and wire sizes, we can provide them. We offer a full engineering service up to installation supervision and startup, although the use of a local electrician is advisable for cost saving.

6-wire motor connection reduces cost

Large motors can have the soft-starter wired between the three motor winding connections (“inside the delta”).  This lowers the current rating of the soft-starter to substantially reduce cost while retaining all the benefits of the soft starter.  This feature is useful if you can place the motor control centers near the motors, where the main disconnect switch also becomes the motor safety isolation switch.  It also eliminates the cost of the isolation switch, giving a further saving.  For 2-motor mixers such as the Ocmix RG twin-shaft and similar, when the MCC must be positioned away from the mixer, conventional 3-wire connection should be used.  However, a 6-pole isolation switch is required for the two motors.  We can provide very competitive pricing on this special switch, to avoid having to lock-out two three-phase switches when working on the mixer.

Electrician’s / engineer’s guide to solid state starter applications and 6-wire connection (courtesy Allen Bradley)

Talk to us about these cost saving options for your motor control centers – they are absolutely as safe as conventional methods and meet all codes.