Take control of your plant from the production floor

The BatchTron series of batch control systems are full-featured, World Class batch automation systems that run your plant at the highest possible speed while giving the rock-solid reliability that you need;  freedom from worries that the control system will quit at a critical time.  Instead of using a computer for concrete batching, the use of an industrial PLC and touch screen for batching gives all versions of BatchTron this legendary freedom from service calls and costly downtime.
Re-engineered from the top down, with a 7″ color touch screen, BatchTron I batch controller has all the features that make its bigger brothers so powerful and easy to use, while keeping the cost to an absolute minimum.  From ready-mix to portable and products plants, BatchTron I gives you outstanding value for money.
BatchTron II is a step ahead of other batch plant automation control systems because it uses PLCs and touch screens.  10″ color touch screen, fully user configurable and ultra-reliable.
BatchTron III, with its 12″ color touch screen and optional second touch screen is chosen by many precast concrete companies with two to three mixer plants and high volume production.  Perfect for animal feed, many food products and concrete brick/block/paver production because it optimizes the timing to give you the maximum possible throughput.
Mobile Control allows you to control your plant from anywhere within the range of your tablet’s WiFi signal. Everything you can do on your BatchTron, you can do on your Mobile Control. Choose a formula; start a batch; correct batching errors; solve holdups; signal your mixer to fill your bucket, hopper or truck; even view batch reports on the run. Mobile Control is a ruggedized tablet that mirrors your BatchTron screen through a WiFi link from a wireless router.
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Imagine WiFi Batching: start batches, resolve problems and discharge your mixer  from anywhere in the plant

Mobile Control frees your batch operator; lets him check on progress of your crews, schedule production and deliveries, make the adjustments that improve quality, save time and money and make everyone’s life easier. Your bottom line will look better and your team will be more satisfied.


  • True WiFi Batching.  Exactly the same as your Batchtron touch screen.
  • Tablet has ruggedized case to withstand the precast concrete plant environment.
  • All menus, all functions, all passwords of your BatchTron system; no training necessary.
  • Manual controls for all plant functions – gates, conveyors, mixer etc.
  • Create or edit formulas; make adjustments to improve product quality.
  • Make temporary adjustments to correct air entrainment and slump.
  • View graphs of mixer moisture, slump and temperature.
  • Set up batches and delivery to each crew.
  • Remote Batch Control – Start batches or a continuous run of batches.
  • Monitor progress and react to alarms for weight tolerance errors etc.
  • Choose whether to charge mixer immediately or wait for your command.
  • Modify mixer charging sequence, mixing time etc. on the fly.
  • Discharge mixer when ready or only on your command.
  • Use it to order concrete from your fork-lift truck and discharge the mixer into your bucket on command.
  • Wireless range of over 800 ft in open air, approx. 230 ft inside buildings, gives you true remote control of batching.
  • Range can be extended with extra WiFi router equipment.
  • Mobile Control connects your BatchTron batch controller to a tablet computer by WiFi radio.
    Mobile Control tablet can be used for all its regular functions – Email, phone, Internet, camera etc.
    Mobile Control computer in use for remote batch control