Order Entry, Dispatching Software with Reporting

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BatchLink connects BatchTron I, II and III to the batch database on any PC computer.  It archives all your batch data automatically, creates reports and gives you Order Entry and Dispatching software functions if you need them. Use it, customize it. Don’t be limited by other people’s ideas and ways; do it your way.
What is a PLC? Why is it better than a PC computer? Can I purchase BatchTron for one plant and use it on another? Will BatchTron increase speed and accuracy? This page answers these questions and others.
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The dispatching software that’s simple and straightforward

Order Entry can be done on a separate PC

BatchLink Order Entry and dispatching software upgrades your BatchTon batching controller into a flexible and powerful single plant Ready-Mix operation.  It handles all your scheduling of orders, dispatching, truck management and inventory on a daily basis.  It also gives you reports on all important activities. If you wish, it can also tie into your accounting software.

The BatchTron controller connects to your existing or new PC computer by a single cable up to 4000 ft. long, or by radio link if desired.  You can operate everything from your PC computer.  You can still use the BatchTron controller on its own, for the manual controls or to make fully automatic batches.

“Since adding BatchLink to existing and new Batch-Tron systems, we have seen a significant increase in efficiency, allowing us to better serve our customers. The ability to customize the reports to suit our needs, our customers needs and the needs of the local Department of Transport is a definite advantage.  In addition, we really appreciate the speedy service given by Robert Hu and Chris Shawcroft”.   Mario Ambrosio, Ary Corp, CO, October 2020.
Load entry can be customized. Move or delete, add any field.
It’s easy to enter a load with the colored drop-down menu fields
Enter your orders and delivery times.  The dispatching software pulls your pre-entered customers and matches them to orders.  It pulls your pre-entered trucks and gives you a batching queue every day.  Select your loads from the drop-down menus.  Initiate loads and batching starts automatically, creating delivery tickets for every load.  Enter your material deliveries and the system deducts your usage to give on-hand inventory, in real time. Select usage, inventory or batch reports from a date range and display them on the screen. Printouts - no problem, just print.  Need a different report?  The built-in report formatter lets you set it all up yourself; no need to pay for customization . . . Read more


  • Enter your jobs and orders – on a separate computer if you wish.
  • Plan your loads and schedule trucks from the colored drop-down menus.
  • See your truck availability at a glance.
  • Rearrange your loads or reassign trucks to meet changing needs.
  • Multiple mix designs, limited only by hard drive capacity. Store as many as you want.
  • Print delivery tickets.
  • Print end of day reports, weekly and monthly reports etc.
  • Design new custom reports and tickets any time – when you want.
  • Multi-language; choose English, French or Spanish from the menu.
  • Optional monitoring and remote control of your batching process.
  • Records material deliveries and calculates inventory based on usage.
  • Operates in any mixture of U.S. and Metric measure. Totally metric friendly.
  • Standard Windows interface, familiar and easy to learn but powerful to use.

Minimize mistakes with water and admix prompting

Minimize errors with w/c prompting for your water amount

As you enter the water amount for the mix design, it shows you the w/c ratio, assuming that the aggregates are SSD.  This avoids problems later if your water amount was in error.  You can enter moisture values manually or use any commercial moisture sensor.  Our own AquaSense sensor has a 10 year guarantee, plus microwave accuracy.  You can read more about moisture, SSD sensor calibration and aggregate absorption in our blog “Surface moisture or free moisture”.

experienced operators can set the water target based on experience and the system will calculate moisture values for later modification

For experienced operators without a sand moisture sensor, a special feature helps them by checking the water target for any mix design. In the image at left, the moistures for red rock, pea gravel and sand are 1.0%, 0.5% and 2.5%. Batch size is 9.5 cu. yd. and mix design 5 is selected. If he believes that the water target is too high or low, by clicking “Yes” he can enter a new target based on his experience. The system will then recalculate the sand moisture, based on the entered water target and the existing stone target. Following this entry, he can continue by adjusting the sand moisture value.

Admix amounts show the amount per 100 units of cement as a cross-check

Also for admixtures; as you enter the admix values it prompts you with the amount per 100 lb or kg of cement as comparison with the recommendations of the admixture manufacturer.  Once you enter the units to be used – English or Metric, the system displays all values in these units.  2020 article “Batchlink, powerfully simple dispatching”.

The batch report includes total water in batch, including water in the aggregates, and water/cement ratio (w/c). This report is also customizable and you can add or delete any fields that you want.

The Reporting Software that lets you customize your reports

BatchLink dispatching software, batch report. View it or print it on command
A scaled-down version of BatchLink dispatching software, BatchLink Reporting creates batch reports that no longer have to be printed on the spot.  They are stored in the computer and can be printed when you want them. If you need a different report format - for instance, to print delivery tickets on your own pre-printed forms, just make a report format for the job. It's as easy as word processing. As you use BatchLink you will see new possibilities and create ideas. You can develop spreadsheets and reports to suit your particular needs. Sort records to find and print batches from a month or a year ago. Choose immediate report printing, end of day printing or storage on disk. At the end of day, check production totals, material usage and inventory . . . Read more


  • BatchLink reporting replaces the batch printer, giving you full control over your data.  You can print many different reports for virtually any range of times and dates.
  • BatchLink allows you to get instant results plus the ability to customize it to your own needs.  Consequently it eliminates your dependence on fixed report formats and allows it to grow as your business needs change. You rule the system instead of the system ruling you.
  • Working database stores your data and can be expanded for practically any need. Easy to build on.
  • Applications include custom reports, production reporting, inventory and QC statistics for all types of concrete production. Versatile enough for any business.
  • Cut and paste data into other Windows applications such as Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.  Manage data the way you want.
  • BatchLink connects the BatchTron controller to a PC running Windows 7 or above.  A low cost cable can be run 100 ft or more to a convenient office or via modem, high speed link or radio to anywhere you want. Install it yourself or have us do it; no expensive setup.
  • Free Internet assistance for the first year of operation.  We make sure that you are set up properly and we fix your problems fast when you need it.  Gives you the confidence you need.
  • Remote batch controller monitoring.  Monitor progress, view alarms and reset them, control various operations from a remote location.  No need to have anyone near the batch controller.