Precise Bulk Terminal Controls, Accurate Truck Loadout

Run your terminal with fast, efficient touch-screen bulk material controls
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Bulk material control system at Baker-Hughes plant, Shafter CABulk materials such as grain, flour, cement, flyash and fracking sand, used in the extraction of oil and natural gas, are either milled on-site or shipped to the bulk terminals in rail cars and stored in silos.  The materials are then loaded into trucks from the silos for local deliveries or bagged, blended or batched into other products.  The bulk terminal controls supervise inventory, select the silos to be filled, run the filling conveyors and monitor progress.  In truck delivery terminals, a truck scale under the silo discharge points is connected to the control system.  The operator monitors incoming trucks, directs them to one of the silos and fills them automatically to preset weights.  The Baker-Hughes terminal in Shafter, near Bakersfield CA is typical.  This terminal has 12 silos of 610 tons capacity with 3 truck scales for loadout, each handling 4 silos.  Read about it in a World Cement Magazine Editorial.

Control System

Bulk material controller screen showing 4 of the 12 silos at Baker-Hughes Shafter.

The bulk terminal controls use a PLC and touch screen as the operator interface; no switches or lights are needed since everything is on-screen, eliminating maintenance issues and making them easy to upgrade. The screen is located at the operator's desk while the PLC is located close by or in a nearby building where most of the motors are located, eliminating long runs of power cable and reducing the control wiring to a single ethernet cable . . . Read more

Loadout and Inventory Control

The main bulk material control screens at BHI Shafter.

A PC computer runs the Bulk Terminal Controls version of the BatchLink software which shows the on-hand inventory in each silo. The BatchTron loadout control system loads trucks by automatically opening and closing feed gates to dispense material into each compartment as required, the weight values coming from the truck scales . . . Read more

Camera System

The control room at BHI Shafter, showing the camera screen on the wall.

A multiple camera system monitors incoming and outgoing vehicles plus the rail car discharge and bucket elevator discharge to the various silos, as well as allowing operators to guide trucks under the filling socks in the silos by mobile radio . . . Read more

Silo Inventory

Bulk material silo displays showing trend graph of a chosen silo.

Silo inventory is calculated from deliveries minus the truck loading amounts. The SiloWeigh.Net system can be installed on all silos to further monitor actual silo loading as a cross-check on the calculated values . . . Read more