Concrete batching applications using BatchTron III controller

BatchTron-III is ideal for two and three mixer concrete batching plants.  It gives you extended automation of delivery conveyors, flying buckets and multiple delivery stations.
What is a PLC? Why is it better than a PC computer? Can I purchase BatchTron for one plant and use it on another? Will BatchTron increase speed and accuracy? This page answers these questions and others.

Concrete, food products, animal feed, asphalt: BatchTron has many applications

BatchTron III concrete batching at Hanson's New Orleans concrete products plant
BatchTron III is in use worldwide for batching plants in the precast concrete, block, paver, dry products, prestressed and hollow-core industries. It is also used in larger ready-mix plants and is ideal for batch-related processes. For example, the food, animal feed, chemicals, cement blending, bulk material terminals and a wide range of other industries . . . Read more

Features and suggestions

    • Color proportioning can be combined with concrete batching to centralize all controls.  In consequence, it eliminates complicated setup for new production runs.  No mistakes.
    • Related processes such as aggregate bin refill can be combined with concrete batching to centralize all controls.  Consequently, it eliminates the need for extra equipment.
    • A second screen can easily be added to give individual control of mixer moisture, with two or three mixers when necessary.
    • You can easily customize screens for plant variations and added features, as well as language variations and special symbols.  As a result, it is ideal for special applications.
    • We can download software updates online, making plant visits a thing of the past.
    • All our accessories such as demand stations and Mobile Control can be used with BatchTron II .  Of course, the AquaSense 2280D and AquaMix 2270D moisture sensors for aggregates and the mixer can be used too.
    • For single mixer plants, consider other BatchTron models.

BatchTron-III meets the standards of PCI, NPCA, NRMCA and other associations for concrete plant certification.

We received a referral from a trusted supplier that we should talk to Scale-Tron about upgrading our manual operated batch plant in Nevada.  We were impressed with the attention to detail in your quote and were further impressed by your responses to our questions about your company and your products.  We ordered a BatchTron control system and are truly amazed with how many yards an hour this old plant can produce.  Scale Tron is our new operating system partner.  They did everything they promised and didn’t gouge us with hidden fees.  Thank you for all your help Chris and Robin.  Patrick Schaefer, G.M. Jetcrete North America, 2018

Customers and Applications

BatchTron III was used in all concrete batching for Thalle Construction's Kentucky Dam project, 2012 to 2016

Thalle Construction, Kentucky Dam project, 2011: Two-mixer plant to supply concrete for a new shipping lock. This was a US Army Corps of Engineers project with very tight control of mix designs and concrete quality . . . Read more
  • We used a BatchTron II custom aggregate system for wet belt cooling.  You can see this on the center console in the picture.  We have produced several similar systems for dam sites in the U.S. and Central America.
  • Hanson Pipe and Precast, New Orleans:  See picture at top of page.  Their two twin shaft mixers discharge via dual discharge doors and conveyors to three casting machines.  Each requires different mix designs.  We controlled moisture of the mix in the two-screen BatchTron III concrete batching controller with aggregate and mixer moisture sensors.  System installed 2007, was operating non-stop with very few maintenance calls until its recent replacement.
  • Con Cast Pipe, Guelph Ontario:  See pictures on other pages or click for CPI editorial.  Two pan mixers discharge via two doors on each mixer.  The mix drops onto two transverse belts and three delivery belts.  These belts feed three casting machines, all using the same mix design.  They accept batches as they are ready on a first come – first served basis.  The controls use aggregate moisture sensing and mixer moisture control.  This concrete batching system was installed 2001 and had never been halted for breakdown of the control system until its replacement in about 2015.  Maintenance was very minimal.


  • BatchTron-III as described above is adaptable to almost any concrete batching plant.
  • Special versions available for decumulative batching, color pigment batching, food and chemical batching etc.
  • Many extra functions can be added – examples are conveyor belts, skip hoists, holding hoppers, flying buckets etc.
  • Power and I/O can be 24, 110/120 or 220/240 volt to suit any country.
  • Language: English, French and Spanish are standard.  We can customize screen messages and create special symbols for Far Eastern countries.

STI (Service and Training by Internet)

BatchTron’s lifetime and reliability are by far the best in the industry.  This is not where we stop, however.  Our customers tell us – loud and clear – when they do have a problem.  In order to solve problems quickly and efficiently we have called upon the latest Internet technology.  Through your company network and its Internet connection, or even through a phone connection to the Internet, we can access your batching system.  This allows us to monitor its progress to pinpoint faults.  Even if mechanical problems have caused the faults, we can see the resulting holdup.  Consequently we can guide the operator to a successful outcome, anywhere in the world.

Our engineers can monitor or control the PC computer running BatchLink software.  They drill down through levels of menus to check setup data and correct it.  Most important, they can train personnel to understand the processes.  Together with a speaker phone, we can conduct training sessions for groups almost as easily as being on site.  The cost saving and convenience is obvious.  Scale-Tron makes your experience the best possible.