The batch plant controller for two and three mixer plants with extensive extra automation

Get best value out of your plant by running it with the best batch plant controller.  BatchTron III, with its 12″ color touch screen and optional second touch screen is chosen by many precast concrete companies with two to three mixer plants and high volume production.  Perfect for animal feed, many food products and concrete brick/block/paver production because it optimizes the timing to give you the maximum possible throughput.
What is a PLC? Why is it better than a PC computer? Can I purchase BatchTron for one plant and use it on another? Will BatchTron increase speed and accuracy? This page answers these questions and others.

Visual and intuitive with outstanding reliability, BatchTron turns work into fun.

Example of a Batchtron III floor-standing console
Tailored to your operation, to run it the way YOU want.  Unattended operation; no operator needed in most plants.  The BatchTron control system reacts to batch calls from mud hopper sensors, demand stations, the dispatching system or Mobile Control tablet PCs.  It keeps track of batch priorities too.  All versions of BatchTron have IIoT (Industrial Internet Of Things) compatibility. Eliminate expensive down time due to Windows updates or other Windows issues.  BatchTron's  PLC and touch screen gives you reliability that just isn’t possible with computer-based systems . . . Read more


  • Say goodbye to expensive down time.  The BatchTron III batch plant controller’s  PLC and touch screen gives you reliability that just isn’t possible with computer-based systems.
  • Eliminate batch weight errors and wasted product with automatic self-tuning.  It keeps your plant at peak trim all the time.  Lots of other premium features too.
  • All the controls – all of them – are right on the screen, making broken switches and loose wires a thing of the past.  And we can upgrade it on-line.  So easy.
  • No scale indicators either, unless you need them to meet local regulations.  The scale displays are all on the touch screen, making it even more reliable, and they’re all digital.  Consequently, no error between external weight indicators and the control system.
  • The BatchTron control system doesn’t use Windows software – it is guaranteed freeze-proof.  Unless struck by lightning, your PLC will keep on running, no matter what.
  • Integrated functions include optional moisture and slump measurement as well as batch and inventory reporting.  Because of this, other control systems are not necessary and you get better, more reliable results.
  • No fans, no inlet for fine dust.  Even the best filters let in the finest dust.  This gets into the connectors and stalls the system.  We know the problem.  We don’t let it happen.
  • 12″ colour TFT screen, much bigger than BatchTron-II’s screen, allowing it to handle 5 scales, 14 solid ingredients and 3 mixers.  We have ergonomically designed the operator screens to simplify operation in these larger, more complex plants.
  • Optional bar graph symbols display motor current or power, bin and silo levels and more.
  • For single mixer plants, consider other BatchTron models.

BatchTron III is the choice of large corporations such as Hanson Building Products (now Forterra), Lafarge Construction Products and many others.

BatchTron III batch plant controller has been in use at Con Cast Pipe's two mixer plant for many years
The BatchTron-III batch plant controller is available as a free standing console (shown above), wall-mount cabinet with built-in screen or wall-mount cabinet with separate desk console screen unit.  Plants using one mixer can easily be run from one screen.  For plants with 2 or 3 mixers, we recommend two screens (shown at left) for ease of operation.  We can also provide an expanded PLC for the most demanding applications . . . Read more

With two screens, you can do more

We program the two screens identically.  If one breaks down, you have the security of full plant control from the other screen.  With both screens running, you can display the plant overview and batching progress on one screen while the other displays the mixing sequence, moisture or slump control. Alternatively, you can view the list of batches as they are produced.  Or have one operator run part of the system manually from one screen while a second operator monitors automatic operation on the other.  It’s your choice.  Like the rest of the BatchTron family, BatchTron-III is very competitive in price.  We have tailored it for the precast concrete, block and paver markets, although it is applicable to any process requiring batching by weight.

Illustrated is a two screen BatchTron-III at Con Cast Pipe Inc., Guelph Ontario.

Tailored to your operation

Do you have an automated batching control system with a full time operator who runs it day in, day out?  Many do, and they don’t realize that they can save major dollars by setting things up differently.  At Scale-Tron, the first thing we want to know is HOW you run your operation, and then WHY.  This allows us to plan a method for ordering your concrete the way you want it.  Delivering it to where you want it, when you want it.  For example, fork lift operators ordering material through Mobile Control.  We work with you to plan a full automation system, with moisture sensors and MCCs too.  How much savings would this give in your operation?