Reliable and Versatile Batch Automation

BatchTron II is a versatile batch automation controller with the ability to control many extra functions.

BatchTron II batch automation controller has the capacity for extensive extra functions:  multiple delivery stations, aggregate bin refill and truck loadout are examples.  Its many setup menus allow customization to fit almost any plant configuration, dry batch or wet batch (with mixer), “regular” accumulative scales or decumulative batching (aggregate bins on load cells) and mixer moisture control, while extra customization can be added for other applications in food, animal feed, bulk material blending etc.

Ingredients and scales: 30 ingredients, mix of solids and liquids, number of scales limited by screen size
Mixers and associated equipment: Single mixer batch automation with associated holding hoppers, conveyors, feeders etc.
Screen type / size: 10″ (254mm) Omron TFT touch screen with multiple pages of operator screens etc.
PLC type / size: Omron PLC with modular type I/O slots, number of I/O to suit application
Cabinet – wall mount: Rittal, NEMA-4 construction one or two door, sized to suit application
Cabinet – wall mount/console: Rittal, NEMA-4 construction wall mount with separate desk console for operator
Meets standards: UL, Canadian UL, RoHS compliant
Power: 110 to 250 volts AC
Outputs: Relay contacts wired for 115/240VAC or 24VDC operation, as required
Inputs: Solid state 115/240VAC or 24VDC operation, as required
Scale inputs: Direct load cell inputs with connection to PLC and weight display on touch screen
Alarm messages: Unlimited number (typical 150) of numbered mesages for every fault condition
Mixing cycles: 4 separate sequences of discharge to mixer based on formula in use