Customized automation, outstanding reliability.

Get best value out of your concrete plant by running it with the best controls.  BatchTron II is a step ahead of other batch plant automation control systems with a 10″ color touch screen, fully user configurable and ultra-reliable.
BatchTron II Is a flexible control system with plant configurations selectable from the menu.  For precast and other products plants, BatchTron II is adaptable and customizable.

Visual and intuitive with outstanding reliability, BatchTron turns work into fun.

Tailored to your operation, to run it the way YOU want. Unattended operation - no operator needed in most plants - the BatchTron control system can react to batch calls from mud hopper sensors, demand stations, the dispatching system or Mobile Control tablet PCs. Eliminate expensive down time; BatchTron's PLC and touch screen gives you reliability that just isn’t possible with computer-based systems . . . Read more
  • Eliminate batch weight errors and wasted product with automatic self-tuning that keeps your plant at peak trim all the time.  Lots of other premium features too.
  • All the controls – all of them – are right on the screen, making broken switches and loose wires a thing of the past, and it can be upgraded on-line.  So easy.
  • No scale indicators either, unless they are needed to meet local regulations.  The scale displays are all on the touch screen, making it even more reliable, and they’re all digital;  no error between external weight indicators and the control system.
  • The BatchTron control system doesn’t use Windows software – it is guaranteed freeze-proof.  Unless struck by lightning, your PLC will keep on running, no matter what.
  • Integrated functions include optional moisture and slump measurement as well as batch and inventory reporting, eliminating other control systems and giving better, more reliable results.
  • No fans, no inlet for fine dust.  Even the best filters let in the finest dust, which gets into the connectors and stalls the system.  We know the problem.  We don’t let it happen.
  • Available in wall-mount with touch screen or wall-mount controller with destop operator console (shown above).

BatchTron concrete plant controls are the choice of large corporations such as Hanson, Coreslab, Lafarge Construction Products and many others.


A quick note to let you know how happy we are with BatchTron-II; it’s fast, easy to use and can be customized for specific needs. – Aaron Wilson, Southern Precast, Alachua, FL. July 2015

Touch and go

Load a formula, choose the batch size and press GO. It’s that easy to make a batch. Everything else is automatic. Or touch a feed button to feed aggregates into the scale. Touch the discharge button to discharge the scale. Start or stop the mixer; on-screen buttons allow individual automatic or manual operation of every function, not just one AUTO/MAN switch that forces you to run the control system manually when a fault occurs . . . Read more

This allows minor breakdowns like faulty limit switches to be bypassed without affecting the rest of the system and keeps you running automatically except for the one function that you bypassed.Enter, retrieve, modify and copy formulas from one memory location to another.  Modify ingredients or formulas on the fly.  It’s fast, accurate and easy with BatchTron’s touch keyboard.

Tailored to your operation

Do you have an automated batching control system with a full time operator who runs it day in, day out?  Many do, and they don’t realize that they can save major dollars by setting things up differently.  At Scale-Tron, the first thing we want to know is HOW you run your operation, and then WHY.  This allows us to plan a method for ordering your concrete the way you want it, and delivering it to where you want it, when you want it.  We work with you to plan a full automation system, with moisture sensors and MCCs too.  How much savings would this give in your operation?

“I have been using Batchtron systems for the past 13 years they are virtually maintenance free and when I have needed service I have found Scaletron very responsive. I have just upgraded to a new system which with the help of my local electrician was started on Friday evening and completed on Sunday ready for production on Monday morning”. Says Jim Willis, LHV Precast, November 2013

Legendary reliability

Pat Walgamuth of Akron Concrete bought his BatchTron in 1998 and it’s 17 years old at the time of this picture.  We upgraded it in 2015 with a new PLC and touch screen, plus all the latest features.  “It’s worked perfectly all these years” says Pat, “and all that’s wrong is the screen is hard to see.”  Maybe if they had cleaned it, even that would not be a problem!

Akron’s original cabinet, dirt and all, houses the new system.  The cutout on the door has been enlarged for the new screen but the PLC takes up less room and fits with room to spare.