BatchTron, the control system with outstanding reliability

The BatchTron series of batch control systems are full-featured, World Class batch automation systems that run your plant at the highest possible speed while giving the rock-solid reliability that you need;  freedom from worries that the control system will quit at a critical time.  Instead of using a computer for concrete batching, the use of an industrial PLC and touch screen for batching gives all versions of BatchTron this legendary freedom from service calls and costly downtime.
Re-engineered from the top down, with a 7″ color touch screen, BatchTron I batch controller has all the features that make its bigger brothers so powerful and easy to use, while keeping the cost to an absolute minimum.  From ready-mix to portable and products plants, BatchTron I gives you outstanding value for money.
BatchTron II is a step ahead of other batch plant automation control systems because it uses PLCs and touch screens.  10″ color touch screen, fully user configurable and ultra-reliable.
BatchTron III, with its 12″ color touch screen and optional second touch screen is chosen by many precast concrete companies with two to three mixer plants and high volume production.  Perfect for animal feed, many food products and concrete brick/block/paver production because it optimizes the timing to give you the maximum possible throughput.
Mobile Control allows you to control your plant from anywhere within the range of your tablet’s WiFi signal. Everything you can do on your BatchTron, you can do on your Mobile Control. Choose a formula; start a batch; correct batching errors; solve holdups; signal your mixer to fill your bucket, hopper or truck; even view batch reports on the run. Mobile Control is a ruggedized tablet that mirrors your BatchTron screen through a WiFi link from a wireless router.
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BatchTron batch control systems use PLCs and touch screens for ultimate reliability and freedom from Windows issues

BatchTron batch control systems are versatile and adaptable to all types of batch based or continuous processes where solid and liquid ingredients need to be batched and mixed in a timed sequence.  All versions of BatchTron have IIoT (Industrial Internet Of Things) compatibility. Concrete is the main application. We also use them in bulk terminal controls, food, animal feed and any product that is made in batches.  You can program interruptions for hand-added or micro-ingredients.  You can also include automation of associated delivery belts, flying buckets, hoppers and delivery stations at any stage.  We incorporate mixer moisture control and slump metering. Continuous blending, based on flow rate, loss in weight or volumetric feeders, temperature control etc. is equally applicable.

If you need a concrete batching computer, you can’t do better than a BatchTron.  Read 2020 article: “Ventilation, Dust and Your Controls”.
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Read about Scale-Tron’s involvement in Wells Concrete’s new plant in the Denver, Colorado area. With permission of Concrete Products magazine (October edition). Cover: Wells office lobby. Cover story: Wells Concrete’s new Brighton, CO plant, by Don Marsh.

A quick note to let you know how happy we are with BatchTron-II; it’s fast, easy to use and can be customized for specific needs. – Aaron Wilson, Southern Precast, Alachua, FL. July 2015

BatchTron batch automation turns work into fun

We tailor the system to your operation, to fit the way YOU work.  A study of your operation allows us to quote a system that empowers your crew. Unattended operation - no operator needed in most plants . . . Read more
  • Mobile Control tablet gives you full control of batching from anywhere around the plant.
  • All the batch controls – all of them – are right on the screen, making broken switches and loose wires a thing of the past.
  • No scale indicators either.  The scale displays are all on the touch screen, making it even more reliable
  • All controls integrated into the desktop console or wall mounting cabinet – no loose cables and connectors to go wrong.
  • The BatchTron controller doesn’t use Windows software – it is guaranteed freeze-proof.  Unless struck by lightning, your PLC will keep on running, no matter what.
  • Extensive alarm messages;  every possible fault mode, including custom functions, generates a unique, numbered plain text message to allow fast correction.
  • BatchTron’s individual auto/manual control of every function allows you to continue batching until it can be fixed.


Example of a Batchtron I batch controller console
BatchTron I concrete batching controller

With its new 7″ color screen this batch controller is a scaled-down economical version of the BatchTron II concrete batch plant controller.  It has all the features and functionality of its larger siblings.  It handles up to 6 aggregates, 3 cements, 2 waters, 6 admixtures and 2 to 3 scales in “standard” plant configurations.  BatchTron I is capable of controlling most ready-mix batching plants, with or without mixer.  It also handles small central mix plants for precast, block and paver production with delivery to a single station.  BatchTron I is the controller of choice when you need to automate standard batching plants. In consequence you will benefit from ease of operation and outstanding reliability.

Compatible with BatchLink Order-Entry Software, Demand Stations.

Applications,  specification.


BatchTron II is a flexible and expandable batch control system for batching concrete or food products with related processes, with many plant configurations selectable from its setup menus
BatchTron II batch controller

The 10″ color TFT touch screen has superb animated graphics that allow even first-time users to understand and control the plant.  Operators will require very little training.  You can customize your control system  from the setup menus.  If necessary we can also add custom programming to suit any type of  plant.  This includes mixer delivering to multiple delivery stations via conveyors, chutes or travelling hoppers.  BatchTron II is ideal for batch automation in demanding high-production precast and prestressed concrete, block and paver plants.  In consequence, its ease of operation and outstanding reliability can make a big difference to your bottom line.

Compatible with Mobile Control, BatchLink, Demand Stations and incorporating .  Special versions of BatchTron II are in use in aggregate processing systems.  These include wet-belt aggregate cooling and batch plant bin refill.  They are also used in bulk material terminals, where they handle unloading of trucks and rail cars.  They also load trucks with precisely weighed loads and print legal weight tickets.

Applications,  specification.


BatchTron III batch control system has a bigger screen to allow for 2 and 3 mixer systems. Very flexible and expandable, it handles advanced automation of complex plants
BatchTron III batch control system

A 12″ color TFT touch screen is big enough to display two or even three mixers with ease, along with all the assorted conveyors, holding hoppers, delivery stations and special customizations.  For high production 2 and 3 mixer concrete products plant control systems, we can add a second screen for simultaneous monitoring and control of critical processes.  In this case, the first screen shows the plant overview. 

We welcome extensive customized processes and applications such as food and animal feed.  Also special applications with extensive automation of delivery systems.  We specialize in flying buckets, other traveling hoppers, conveyors and multiple delivery stations.  BatchTron III batch control systems are at home in critical batch automation applications where high speed and reliability are paramount.  These include large precast and prestressed products plants and high speed SCC or RCC production.  They are also used in large civil engineering projects.  Examples are dams and associated hydro-electric projects.


Compatible with Mobile Control, BatchLink, Demand Stations.



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