Fiber Bag Dispenser

TempTron stands up to the abrasive wear in aggregate bins and mixers
Fiber bag dispenser.  Other specialty products for the concrete industry will appear on this page from time to time.

Gives you the right amount of fiber – every time, recorded in your batch reports.

Load it and forget it. For automatic production, the fiber bag dispenser drops your fiber or other additives reliably into the mix. No need to manually dispense it. The bag dispenser holds up to 28 bags; drop one, two or more, depending on the concrete batch size. Treat your fiber like an admix, proportioning it to the batch size . . . Read more
  • Can be positioned to drop bags into the scale hopper, onto the aggregate belt or directly into concrete mixer or truck.
  • Load the fiber bags into the bag dispenser at the start of operation.  Bags are simply placed one at a time into the feeder buckets.  Easy to do.
  • Chain bucket dispenser drops one bag at a time, guaranteed.
  • Reliably holds and dispenses all sizes of bag up to 12″ wide, with no height limitation.  Can also hold two smaller bags or containers of granulated additives.
  • A half-second start pulse is required; the rest is automatic.
  • Can be run from the admix outputs of most batch controllers.  No  special software.
  • Low power 110 or 220 volt single phase motor.  No starter required.
  • Special models available for other quantities and oversize bags.
  • Uses standard North American parts.  Maintenance (if needed) is assured.

Because the bag dispenser runs from the admix output of a batch controller such as BatchTron, you can proportion bags of fiber just like any admix. Set a quantity of one bag per yard (or cubic meter) and the dispenser will drop one bag, two or more depending on the batch size and your controller will report the number of bags on the batch report. On formulas not requiring fiber, set the quantity to zero in the formula. No more mistakes.

Installation is easy.  Select a position where the bags can be fed onto the aggregate belt, into the scale or holding hopper, or directly into the mixer or truck.  The position chosen should also be convenient for loading the bags into the dispenser and should be covered to prevent rain or snow from entering.  Mount the bag dispenser on its four bolting points and run a three-conductor cable to the control panel.  Consult the control panel manual for connection details.  We are available at all times for help.

Contact us for more information on this unique product.  OEM and fiber producer inquiries welcomed.

Optional extras

  • Manual controller –  for plants without automatic dispensing capability, dispenses preset quantity of bags.  Push button or separate start pulse initiates operation.  Electronic counter can be set to any quantity of bags ber batch.  Alarm output and lamp warn when last bag is reached.
  • Last bag detector – photo-electric sensor, standard on all dispensers.