High Pressure Mixer Washout Heads

The standard A80R washout heads are suitable for all types of concrete mixer.  Others are available for different applications.

The A80R high pressure washout heads have a spherical coverage zone and cleans concrete from any exposed surafaceThe European built, proven performance concrete mixer washout heads have powerful high pressure jets that rotate around both the vertical and horizontal axes, to cover every surface equally with none of the missed areas that are seen with the swinging or rotating jet arrays of other models.

A80R cleaning head shown at right, 4 nozzles, suitable for small planetary to large twin shaft or spiral blade mixers for concrete and many other applications. Rotates vertically as well as horizontally, giving a spherical action zone. Water requirement is 20 gpm for each head at 1000 psi.

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Other washout heads are available for cleaning chutes, cleaning hoppers, conveyors, moulds, trucks etc.  We can design a high pressure washout system to your specific requirements.  Watch the video and Contact us for details and prices.