The mixer washout system that really does a job

High Pressure Mixer Washout blasts the partially cured concrete from your mixer in minutes.  Hand cleanup gun is useful for cleaning hard to reach corners and chutes, buckets etc.

High pressure mixer washout uses heads with rotating jets and turbine drive for reliable and powerful performanceExtra production, improved safety

High Pressure Mixer Washout automatically cleans all types of mixer, from concrete to foods, and many other types of vessel. Faster cleanup gives 15 to 30 minutes extra production each day. As a result, you can get 5% extra productivity every day, at no extra cost and it guarantees safety; no need to enter the mixer. Hence, payback is a few months in most cases. You will have better employee morale and safety . . . Read more

Empower your crew

Empower your crew by eliminating most of the arduous end of day mixer cleaning routine; save on cost of cleanout labor. Proven European washing heads have powerful high pressure jets that rotate as well as turning for effective mixer cleaning . . . Read more
Our High Pressure Washout gives tremendous performance and it saves 1/2 hour every day.  The hand cleanup gun is a powerful tool.  Buzz Morgan, Lindsay precast. December 2015

High pressure mixer washout controller gives timed cycle or manual cycle for cleanupPump unit and Controller, Specifications

2550-20 – 20 gpm pump, 1000 psi, suitable for high pressure washout of all mixers up to 12000/8000 (10.5 yd) size.  Feeds either W80 or LC200 heads in sequence through high pressure valves.

Dimensions: 40” W x 28”D x 60” H with reservoir.

Reservoir – 150 gal cylindrical polyethylene, 28” x 56” H with high/refill/low sensors and solenoid filling valve.

Hand wash gun – high flow, high power, heavy-duty gun, suitable for blasting hard-to-reach deposits off mixer surfaces and general clean-up work, supplied with 20 ft hose.

Power – specify 380 or 415V 50 Hz, 480 V or 575 V 60 Hz 3-phase when ordering.

Automatic high pressure mixer washout controller uses a small PLC for flawless operationControl system – Internal PLC gives the ultimate in functionality, allowing manual operation, timed mixer washout cycle or remote cleanout control from batching controller.  When used as concrete inter-batch wash, water can be timed or metered and used in subsequent batch.