Washout system really does a job on a concrete mixer

Until you’ve seen it in operation, you don’t realize what power the jets of water have.  Compared with a high pressure car washer, it takes high pressure AND a high volume of water, but the combination is really effective in cleaning concrete deposits off any surface.  And if it can clean concrete off, it can clean anything off.  Watch these videos and contact us for live references.  High Pressure Washout System automatically cleans concrete mixers, and consequently is perfect for food and many other types of vessel. Fast and automatic cleanup gives 15 to 30 minutes extra production every day or shift.  This translates to over 5% more productivity at no extra cost, and it guarantees safety – no need to enter the mixer.  Especially relevant, payback from your washout system is a few months in most cases; you will also have better employee morale and safety. Easily installed rotating jets are fully automatic and the whole system is very reliable.


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