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TempTron stands up to the abrasive wear in aggregate bins and mixers
Concrete plant tips, design ideas and electrical advice

Getting proper information from water and admix meters

Does the batching computer for your concrete plant always give exactly the right amount of admix and water? It probably doesn't, but you'll never know it. The big admix companies use a practice that makes their equipment look better than it really is; as a result, you could be using (and paying for) more admix than you think . . . Read more

Improve jogging performance with flow control valves

Big feed gates with large operating cylinders can open very quickly. When jogging at the end of the feed period, the objective is to release small bursts of material with each jog . . . Read more

Checking your scale calibration

We had a situation several years ago where a concrete plant had been making sub-standard product. It was found that the cement scale was reading 20% too high, which caused it to weigh out too little cement on each batch . . . Read more

Improve concrete plant performance

Does the shock of aggregate hitting the bottom of the weigh hopper cause your scale reading to bounce? Do you get out of tolerance weights as a result? Many systems exhibit this type of performance but it is easily corrected . . . Read more

Choice of load cells can be crucial

Many concrete plant batching scales today are suspended from tension load cells. Usually 4, but sometimes 3 of the popular S type cells can support a scale hopper or conveyor. Many people installing their own equipment use these cells but do not fully understand their differences . . . Read more

Can you run out of admix without knowing it?

If your concrete plant uses the popular types of pump and admix meters, the answer is probably YES! Many pumps will happily pump air, and the meter will measure it just as though it was admix. Even if you have sight glasses, it is possible for no-one to notice it . . . Read more

Cure a common cement scale problem

If you have a cement weigh hopper (or something similar), you might find that its empty reading changes from when the discharge valve is open to when it is closed. This can be severe enough to prevent start of the next batch if the control system checks the empty weight before starting, as it should do . . . Read more

Butterfly valve saves cement dollars

On an older concrete plant, whether for ready-mix or products, screw feeders are usually used for the cementitious materials. The feed from these feeders is not constant, however, and has a large variation depending on the rotation of the screw flights . . . Read more

Protect batching system from power surges

Several end users of our products have had mysterious failures of moisture sensors and load cells. Analysis of the components show that a high voltage has broken down the insulation between the circuit board or sensor and the metal case, destroying all or part of the electronics as well as the sensor or load cell . . . Read more