Typical uses and how to install it

TempTron 2610 temperature measurement stands up to the abrasive wear in aggregate bins and mixers
Typical applications for TempTron 2610 temperature measurement in bins and concrete mixer

temperature measurement in aggregate bins with TempTron
Temperature measurement in bins and silos

To monitor correctly and with fast response, you should place the TempTron 2610’s temperature measurement sensing cap in the flow region.  This is just above the discharge gate of the vessel.  Use the optional extension tube to position the sensor correctly.  The result is extra protection against wear.

Mounting in concrete mixers

We have two options for monitoring the temperature of material inside a mixer:

temperature measurement in concrete mixers with TempTron

LOWEST WEAR – If you mount the sensor via the optional mixer mount so that the sensing cap is in contact with the underside of a liner plate.  Heat passes through the liner to the sensing cap through heat conductive paste.  This will give you accurate temperature indication but with a time lag of 1 to 2 minutes.

FASTEST RESPONSE – If you cut a hole through the liner plate, it allows the sensing cap to protrude to just below the surface of the liner.  This gives you the fastest response time but can create some wear of the replaceable cap.

Temperature control

Scale-Tron designs and installs cooling and heating systems for aggregates and cements.  The PLC and touch screen aggregate refill controls maintain a supply of materials in batching and continuous mixing plants.  Controls include temperature measurement and variable speed drive MCCs for wet belts.  This maintains the temperatures of materials at the appropriate level to produce concrete and other products within specified temperature ranges.  Our experience includes concrete plants with production up to 600 cu. yd. per hour.  These are typically used in large civil projects such as dam building.

Aggregate refill controls

In partnership with our associated companies we can supply complete BatchTron aggregate refill systems.  These include holding hoppers, conveyors, wet belt cooling or heating, re-screening and sand cooling.

Aggregate, sand and cement cooling systems

We can supply complete cooling systems in partnership with our associated companies.  These use temperature measurement to control the temperature of the water used in the wet belts, plus forced-air cooling of cements and sand.  We specialize in the containerized “Tunnel Wet Belt”.  This is a complete wet belt inside a shipping container and consequently you do not require expensive assembly and erection at the job site.  Contact us for more information on this innovative product.

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