Scale-Tron manufactures aftermarket High Pressure Washout system for mixers, Temperature Sensors for use in concrete production and Bagged Fiber Dispensers.  The company also imports Concrete Mixers and Bulk Fiber Dispensers from Italy.
Bowl feeder dispenses fiber onto your aggregate belt by loss-in-weight scale
Dispenser for bags of fiber.  Load it and forget it. Bags are dispensed, one per yard of concrete or whatever you choose, from the formula, exactly like admixtures.
The Dosmec Mobile Fiber Conveyor sends your fiber, bags or any additions aloft to your mixer or truck. And it’s portable too!

Discharge Your Fiber Wherever You Want

Mobile Fiber Conveyor can lift bulk or bagged fiber, or other products, to the truck or mixerThe MFB06 mobile fiber conveyor system forms the link between the fiber dispenser at ground level and a higher discharge point.  It can be positioned permanently or moved from place to place.  Sized to meet the needs of concrete trucks, it conveys the fiber, bags or other items to where they are needed.  The fast, cleated conveyor belt conveys bulk fiber or other material to your truck, mixer or holding hopper.  If you are a bagged fiber user, it will convey your bags just as easily.

Tow it behind your truck

The Mobile Fiber Conveyor folds down for transport on its trailer to another location.  It is extended hydraulicallyThe mobile fiber conveyor’s trailer is tow-able, with a standard hitch.  The conveyor frame folds in the middle using a manual or electric hydraulic system and is lowered onto the trailer frame.  Raise the stabilizing feet and tow it away.

Mobile Fiber Conveyor Specification

Conveyor dimensionsChevron type, 0.45 m (18") wide x 6 m (20 ft) long
Conveyor power2.2 Kw (2 HP) with ON/OFF switch and overload trip. Choice of voltage
Hydraulic power1.5 Kw (3 HP) with ON/OFF switch and overload trip. Choice of voltage
Conveyor speed60 m (200 ft) per min.
DrumDrive and idle drum diam. 200 mm (8”)
Towing length5.3 m (17 ft 3")

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