High pressure, High volume really blasts deposits away

Scale-Tron manufactures High Pressure Washout system for Concrete Mixers, Temperature Sensors for use in concrete production and also Bagged Fiber Dispensers.  The company also imports Concrete Mixers and Bulk Fiber Dispensers from Italy.
The mixer washout system that really does a job – any mixer, any plant.
The standard A80R washout heads are suitable for all types of concrete mixer. Other cleaning heads are available for different applications.
Many precast concrete plants use concrete mixer washout. Consequently it is ideal in any application that needs thorough cleaning of stubborn material. Examples are buckets, tanks, chutes and hoppers as well as mixers of all types.

Customers and Applications

Concrete mixer washout is used in all types of mixer except rotating drum type.
Older LC200 head in Voeller mixer at Twin Valleys Precast
Twin Valleys Precast, near Edmonton Alberta, installed Concrete Mixer Washout, using the older LC200 washout heads, in their new precast plant.  We installed it along with BatchTron concrete batch controls, MCC and a SiloWeigh system.  They use it every day for manufacturing prestressed panels and oil pump bases.  High Pressure Washout, with interbatch wash, keeps their mixer spotless as well as being used for general cleanup of chutes and buckets . . . Read more
  • Lindsey Precast have had several concrete mixer washout applications using the new A80R heads during 2015 and 2016.  They still use them daily, along with their BatchTron control systems.  These systems add interbatch wash and an automated cleaning cycle to clean the mixers in all of their Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and three Colorado precast plants.  As a result, they have improved their safety record and reduced maintenance.
  • Wieser Concrete uses two Concrete Mixer Washout systems in their Maiden Rock WI precast plants.
  • Garden State Precast in New Jersey installed High Pressure Washout with their plant upgrade, BatchTron controller with interbatch wash and new mixer in 2017.
  • Other concrete mixer washout applications include Bluffton Precast, OH, Boyd Brothers, Ottawa Ontario, Zement Stone, Denver CO and more. Call us for references.
  • Learn more about High Pressure Washout on our Video.

Other equipment for concrete plants

Our High Pressure Washout gives tremendous performance and it saves 1/2 hour every day.  The hand cleanup gun is a powerful tool.  Buzz Morgan, Lindsay precast. December 2015