Bulk Terminal Controls: PLC / Touch Screen Automation

Imagine bulk terminal controls that fit the way you work.  It’s possible because we study your work process and match it to your needs.

BatchTron controls are versatile and adaptable to all types of batch based or continuous processes where bulk materials need to be weighed or mixed in a timed sequence; bulk terminal operations are a good application but BatchTron is also used for batching by weight in feed mills, concrete and many other products.

Product features

Bulk material control system with truck loadout at Baker-Hughes plant, Shafter CA

Tailored to your operation, to fit the way YOU work. Because we study your operation, this allows us to quote a bulk terminal system that empowers your crew . . . Read more

Truck or rail car deliveries are directed to the appropriate silo by the operator.

Automatic loadout to trucks using truck scale or weigh hopper, legal for trade with printed ticket.

Mobile Control tablet computer gives you full control from anywhere around the plant.

We have designed-in operational features such as automatic self-tuning that eliminate batch weight errors and wasted product.

All the controls and the weight displays are on the screen; consequently broken switches and loose wires are a thing of the past.

Everything is in one cabinet, therefore no boxes, cables and connectors to go wrong.

Above all, it’s RELIABLE because PLC/touch screen technology eliminates Windows updates and other issues.

The main bulk material control screens at BHI Shafter, showing silo inventory

Silo inventory is calculated from deliveries minus the truck loading amounts.

Computer shows inventory and updates on every batch or delivery.

Alarm messages for every possible fault mode to pinpoint the problem, allowing fast correction.

Process can also include bagging, blending or batching into other products.

Manual control of every function.  This allows you to continue running until plant equipment problems can be fixed.

Multi language, English/French, English/Spanish or English/Chinese selected by on-screen button.

Dual units – choice of kg or lb measurement units.

Optional second screen for more complex applications.

Choose either Wall mount, Desktop, Wall mount with one or two display consoles or Free-standing console.


Customers, examples

Most BatchTrons over the years have found applications in concrete, because that is where we are well known. The same techniques are used in bulk terminals, however . . . Read more

BatchTron has legendary reliability and is at home in any industrial environment including dusty and hazardous environment situations.

Bulk material terminal, fracking sand. Baker-Hughes, the Texas oil giant, uses BatchTron bulk terminal controls for its Shafter, CA fracking sand terminal.  Bulk shipments arriving by rail car are transferred to twelve 610 ton silos.  Trucks are filled with precisely weighed amounts for shipment to job sites.  All controls, silo weighing and camera system were supplied by Scale-Tron.

Large civil works, dam project. Thalle Construction‘s 2-mixer plant at the Kentucky Dam poured up to 500 yd/hour between 2011 and 2016 for a new lock for shipping, supervised by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  A second concrete batch automation controller managed the “wet belt” aggregate and sand cooling system, allowing production of concrete at 35°F as a result.

Architectural concrete, small central mix. Bétons Architecturaux Breton‘s president Guy Jacques with his original BatchTron batch plant controls (2009) running his plant with Ocmer 1 yd mixer.  The plant, located in Quebec City, specializes in architectural concrete products and has since been upgraded with larger color touch screen.

A quick note to let you know how happy we are with BatchTron-II; it’s fast, easy to use and can be customized for specific needs. – Aaron Wilson, Southern Precast, Alachua, FL. July 2015

The company

Training a group of users on BatchTron III at Hanson’s New Orleans plant.

Company history and background
Scale-Tron started building control systems over 40 years ago.  BatchTron was the third generation batch controller and previous generations were used in various food and animal feed applications with great success.  Most applications for food products need careful setup and some customization, which needs our presence on site.  For this, we have three engineers and two product specialist technicians available for startup supervision, support, service and training.

Company technical personnel

Three engineers and two product specialist technicians are available for startup supervision, support, service and also training:

Robin ShepherdsonRobin Shepherdson, President and company founder. Professional engineer for over 40 years.  He has designed most of the company’s equipment and directs R&D as well as supervising all aspects of the company’s business.

Marian EnachescuMarian Enachescu, BSc, P. Eng. Senior engineer. Professional engineer for over 20 years, specializes in BatchTron, AquaSense and SiloWeigh.  He has added many of BatchTron III’s major features and supervises installations and startups across North America.

Robert Xiang HuRobert Xiang Hu, BSc, Senior engineer. Joined Scale-Tron over 20 years ago.  He is responsible for most of BatchTron I and II’s recent upgrades.  Based in Washington DC, he is our primary installation and startup expert, traveling between his home and job sites.

Chris ShawcroftChris Shawcroft, General Manager. Came to Canada with HNC Mechanical Engineering.  He has spent over 7 years with Scale-Tron, first as Service Manager and now as General Manager.

Samir Bouadin, technician. As our newest team member, Sam, who is a qualified automation/electrical  technician, is presently responsible for quality assurance.  He also maintains our UL certification.

Best service in the business” says Greg Roache of Gainey’s Concrete Products. May 2017


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