Imagine Order Entry / Dispatching Software that Works the Way You Do

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BatchLink ready-mix order entry & dispatching screens can be customized. Move or delete, add any field.
BatchLink’s entry screens are flexible. Add or delete fields. Move them wherever you want.

Features and benefits

The BatchLink computer app is a combined Order Entry / Dispatching software package that you can customize to your every need. We upgraded the BatchLink page recently to show the latest advancements in Dispatching and Order Entry. Many ready-mix producers now use the combination of BatchTron ultra-reliable touch-screen batching and BatchLink order-entry/dispatching. The operator can run the whole system from the computer by running BatchLink. The BatchTron touch-screen batch controller becomes the manual control panel (or fully automatic batcher if the PC goes down). In addition, a second PC computer can sit in the back office. Another person handles the phone orders and does the order-entry.

Move or add fields to suit your needs

BatchLink is FLEXIBLE. You can easily customize its screens. For example, you can modify the screen shown above to include fewer or more entry boxes. You can place them where you want them. In addition, the colored fields become drop-down menus. You can scroll through all of your customers or destination addresses etc. to select the right one. Mario Ambrosio of Ary Corp, CO, says “Since adding BatchLink to existing and new Batch-Tron systems, we have seen a significant increase in efficiency, allowing us to better serve our customers. The ability to customize the reports to suit our needs, our customers needs and the needs of the local Department of Transport is a definite advantage. In addition, we really appreciate the speedy service given by Chris Shawcroft and Robert Hu”.

If you run a ready-mix operation and don’t need to run multiple plants from a central dispatching center, you’ll benefit from the simplicity and power of BatchLink. Coupled with the reliability of BatchTron touch-screen controls, you’ll get many benefits.