Automation, Sensors and Weighing Systems

Scale-Tron manufactures batch control systems, silo, bin and tank inventory systems, moisture sensors, weighing systems and OEM scales.

Major Product Lines
Batching Controls

The controller with rock-solid reliability for batching of concrete.
Use of industrial PLCs and touch screens for batch control gives you power, speed and freedom from downtime.

Moisture Measurement

AquaSense 2280D microwave moisture probe/sensor; the only one with a 10 year guarantee, measures the continuous moisture content of aggregates and many other granular and powdered materials. AquaMix 2270D online moisture sensor for mixers has the world’s hardest ceramic faceplate to give you many years of wear.

Silo and Bin Inventory

Identify and stop delivery shortages. Never run out of cement again. Eliminate the risk of overfilling. More accurate than silo level measurement, SiloWeigh measures the contents of silos or other vessels by weight.

Weighing, Scale Components

Scales components for high-accuracy, high-speed commercial scalesMini-Mount and Scale-Bar load cell mounts and platform sensors, serial and USB weight transmitters, plus other components for high accuracy, high speed weight data acquisition in point-of-sale, self-checkout and other high-volume, cost sensitive applications.

News and updates
Microwave moisture sensors
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Microwave moisture sensors
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Baker-Hughes Shafter bulk material terminal sensor and display
SiloWeigh Upgrades Boost Performance

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Robin Shepherdson, BSc, P. Eng (ret.)

President and founder, designed many of the company’s products, supervises engineering and R&D.  Handles detail design of scale components and weighing systems

Chris Shawcroft, General Manager

As General manager, Chris has been supervising production and sales staff since 2009.  He has a British HNC in Mechanical Engineering.

Susie Michel, Office manager

As the Financial Manager, Susie has been with the company for over 15 years, supervising office staff and controlling all financial aspects of the company.

Marian Enachescu, BSc.

Specializes in the design and support of BatchTron III,  AquaSense moisture probes and SiloWeigh silo and bin measurement system.  Supervises technical staff, attends startups and trains customers.

Robert Xiang Hu, BSc.

Specializes in the design, programming and support of BatchTron I, BatchTron II and MCCs.  Based in the U.S., supervises startups and trains customers throughout North America.