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LOAD CELL TRANSMITTERS and other accessories for weighing

Process load cell signals to give analog or digital outputs with high accuracy.

A range of accessories eases the assembly of low cost weighing systems.

DJB500 digital load cell transmitter

DJB500 is a low cost 4 input channel device that sums the 4 inputs and provides scaled, filtered output to both an RS232 port and an RS485 multi-drop bus.  Up to 32 DJBs can be connected to the RS485 multi-drop bus.  Its wide command set includes full setup and calibration plus ability to read individual channels in raw data, mV/V scaled values or fully scaled, filtered 4-channel combined output.  The advanced filter allows superior vibration damping while still giving fast response.

All weighing functions necessary for operation of weighing system such as Zero, Tare, motion detection, Units and error monitoring are performed by the DJB500.  The calibration of each corner and of the scale is handled by the DJB500 through a calibration sequence initiated via the RS232 serial interface. Calibration constants are stored in EEPROM on board.  Calibration security is effected by software which requires a special password to be entered.  The weight data rate is setup selectable to cater for high accuracy static weighing (10 conversions/sec) or medium accuracy dynamic weighing (80 conversions/sec) applications.


DJB500 digital weight transmitter

1410 analog load cell transmitter 

Scale-Tron transmitters beat others on temperature drift.
In all load cell equipment, temperature induced drift is the biggest error. Unlike other manufacturers, who quote "average" temperature drift or room temperature accuracy, Scale-Tron guarantees temperature performance on all equipment. Compare temperature drift figures on 1410 with other products; you will see that our worst case figures over a temperature range are always way better that other's average or room temperature figures. This is simply due to better design.

The 1410 is an analog transmitter that connects to the analog inputs of PLCs and computer data acquisition systems. It operates from the 24 volt DC power provided by most PLCs, or from the companion 1040 power supply and provides excitation for 4 load cells or pressure transducers. Output is selectable, 4-20mA, 0-5 or 0-10 volts. Used in our BatchTron and many other O.E.M. products, the 1410 sets the standard for accuracy.

The 1410 series modules are available as screw mount/Curtis relay track mount or DIN rail mount. All modules in the series are both electrically and physically compatible.

1410 Specifications

Input range: 0.15 - 4 mV/V full scale.
Accuracy at room temperature: 0.01% of full scale (1 part in 5000).
Temperature stability: 0.001% per C at 0.5 mV/V full scale or greater ( 0.05uV/. C)
Output: 4-20mA 0-20mA, 0-10V or 0-10V full scale.
Power: 15-30V DC at 145 mA max when powering four 350 ohm load cells.
Physical: board size 87.5 x 70mm (3.45" x 2.83").
For full specifications, request 1410 series brochure.

Download brochure (298K)    

1280 load cell summing unit

For "summing" (combining) the outputs of up to four load cells, the 1280 is one of the smallest and lowest cost units around. But that doesn't mean that it isn't accurate. The 1280's signal trim circuitry and integrated high-stability summing network mean that it is also the most stable and accurate on the market. Three adjustments are for side to side, side to side and end to end, making it ideal for platforms and hoppers. Thousands are in use in commercial platform scales. Do not use the 1280 for four section truck scales; use the 2450 or Mod Box Plus for this purpose.

1280 gives 3% total adjustment, is 4" x 2.75" in size and is physically compatible with the 1410 transmitter family.


If you've ever tried to switch load cell signals with a conventional relay, you know that it can't be done; the heating caused by operation of the relay produces thermal voltages which create drift like you've never seen before! The solution is a special relay which is thermally balanced. The 1080 operates from selectable voltages of 12, 24 or 110 volts AC/DC and provides 2 pole single throw switching. Each scale or load cell circuit requires one 1080 for switching.


The companion for the 1080 switch above, or the 1160 solid state module from the 1100 family, the 2420 provides span and zero trimming for two separate scales or load cell circuits with the same nominal capacity and dead load. The combination 1080/2420 allows two (or more) scales to be automatically selected by a single indicator or other data acquisition device with only one set of calibration adjustments.

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Prices (Canadian includes GST):

$ Canadian $ U.S.
1410 transmitter, bare board/Curtis track mount 276.00 250.00
1410-DIN, DIN rail mounting version 326.00 295.00
1410-N4, NEMA-4 (IP65) boxed version 365.00 330.00
1040 power supply, bare board/Curtis track mount 65.00 59.00
1040-DIN, DIN rail mounting version 102.00 92.00
1280 summing unit, bare board/Curtis track 95.00 86.00
1280-DIN, DIN rail mount 144.00 130.00
1280-N4, NEMA-4 (IP65) boxed version 165.00 149.00
1080 load cell switch, bare board/Curtis track 96.00 87.00
1080-DIN, DIN rail mount 131.00 119.00
2420 Double span/zero trim, bare board/Curtis 80.00 72.00
2420-DIN, DIN rail mount 116.00 105.00

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