Scale-Tron, automation, sensors and weighing systems

SILOWEIGH.NET graphic user interface

SiloWeigh.Net has no local display of its own.  Instead, it connects to the local network and any computer on this same network can view the displays below.

SiloWeigh.Net's local inventory database is also a web server, allowing Internet pages to be generated and viewed (through a browser such as Internet Explorer) on computers throughout the local network.  You see all your vessels shown as 3-D graphics, plus the actual weight in tons - and you get a trend graph too.  Vessel symbols change color as alarm limits are passed, giving you a high visibility warning of impending problems.


The detail view shows the current vessel level and weight at the right, with a history trend graph at left.  The graph can be changed to show the last 24 hours, week or month, or you can select a date range for display.  The graph shows the four alarm settings; Overfill, High, Reorder and Low, and an alarm log displays the most recent alarms.

Various useful metrics, such as usage per hour and per day, are displayed.  You can also download the history data for use in other applications.  Setup and calibration are done via password protected menu screens.

Actual data from a working silo

But that's not all!  SiloWeigh.Net connects through the Internet to the central Internet database, giving users a cloud-based view of all vessels at all plants with identical views to those above, plus group views of all silos in the company or division to give a clear picture of which locations require the most urgent deliveries.  Email alerts can be sent to chosen recipients when chosen alarms are activated, for complete feedback and the assurance that nothing is overlooked.

The Internet database is housed on a commercial server with professional maintenance and backup service to ensure your data is never lost, is secure from hacker attack and is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.  Whether you choose to link the SiloWeigh.Net database to your own company database or use SiloWeigh.Net’s services for all your needs, the SiloWeigh.Net server is your source for silo data from all your companies or divisions, all plants, all groups and all vessels.  The single database is subdivided among all SiloWeigh.Net’s clients, each having its own passwords for access.  You see your company and other companies cannot access your data.

Any or all the data is accessible by a remote database server, using TCP/IP protocol, enabling it to be combined with private company data on customers, products and orders.  This allows clients to organize dispatching of deliveries or sales.

Here's an example of the automatic ordering process, taken live from the cement company's web site.  The  level at the customer's vessel has fallen to the reorder value and triggered this order from the cement supplier.  Once set up and verified, the process can proceed without any further manual intervention.

Emergency low or high levels can also be programmed to send Emails or SMS messages to selected addresses and cell phones.