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THEFT DETECTION with SiloWeigh and SiloWeigh.Net

SiloWeigh II Pro

Built into SiloWeigh II Pro is the ability to directly read the amount of any fill.  Touching one of the bar-graphs takes you to the trend-graph screen where you can zoom to any time period and magnification.  Touching the screen at any point shows the weight (volume) at that point and touching another point shows the difference between the values at the chosen points.  This gives the user a simple, tamper-proof way to verify every fill amount against the delivery tickets or invoices.  Any large difference indicates a possible theft (unless the plant was using out of the silo at the time, and that can be added back too if necessary). The example at left shows how simple it is. 

For past history, if already erased from the internal memory which depends on the number of active vessels, a USB memory stick can store all the weight values for all your vessels.  Plug in the stick, lock the cabinet and return every week or month.  Replace the stick and take the old one to your office.  Transfer the memory stick's contents to any computer and open the file with Microsoft Excel.  A built-in calculation finds each filling of the silo and records the value along with the date and time, allowing you to check the values against deliveries as above. We have taken a typical example from a live silo to illustrate the process: 


This same feature has been available for some time on our SiloWeigh.Net system, and at no extra cost;  all readings are recorded and can be downloaded as an Excel file.  This allows the user to extract the weights before and after filling, to provide a fill weight for every delivery, even months to years after it is completed.  In addition, added to your order at no extra cost, the fill value for each delivery can be automatically displayed in the Statistics box, visible to the user until the next delivery takes place.  This is seen on both the local SiloWeigh.Net display and the Internet database, allowing deliveries to be checked anywhere in the world, under password control.

Theft and fraud on your deliveries of cement, grain, fracking sand, plastics - in fact, any bulk material, can be prevented at low cost.

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