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SILOWEIGH TESTIMONIALS - just a few; call us for more

We have installed the SiloWeigh system in our concrete batching plants in Korea.  We have found them easy to install and more accurate than other similar products when in use.  We particularly like easy calibration and simplicity of installation.

A major benefit of SiloWeigh system that we have noticed is its ability to calibrate from deliveries of material, without the need for fully emptying the silo, as is required with regular weigh scales.

Congratulations on a well made product with a great future.

Sincerely yours, 


Attn. Scale‐Tron Inc.

The SiloWeigh system that you provided to us works great. The other systems we have used have become notoriously flaky as they age, as well as no longer being serviced by the provider.

I find your system to be virtually trouble free, just set it and forget it. I have not had one single problem since it was installed over a year ago.

Walter Michl | Maintenance Manager ATMI Precast



Siloweigh testimonial from Synaxis Ready-Mix