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SERVICE AND TRAINING - our objective is to make you successful

Your success is our success, and the best way to guarantee success is with good equipment, well maintained, run by well trained staff.  Our motto is PQRS - Performance, Quality, Reliability and Service.  Service is very important to us, both during installation and startup and afterwards when operators can change, maintenance might be lacking and various skills are not obtainable.  During and after installation we provide the following services:

As well as a full-time service manager, service staff includes a minimum of 3 engineers, two software specialists and four technicians at all times.  After-hours service is provided by 24/7 email and phone contact with designated employees.  Our first-year warranty includes free help, advice and support.  Following this period our staff is available at an hourly rate without any formal agreement.  We also offer several service packages for our control systems:

Bronze package - unlimited priority phone support

Silver package - unlimited phone support plus on-line internet connection to your batch controls and free software updates

Gold package - unlimited phone and on-line support, plus free replacement of faulty controller parts

Platinum package - unlimited phone and on-line support, plus free parts replacement, plus an annual 2-day plant checkup visit

Five Star Extended Warranty - unlimited phone and on-line support, plus free parts from a guaranteed stock with on-site labour included

Training courses - We can provide training of groups or individuals both on-site and at Scale-Tron's premises, including operation, optimization and maintenance of the following:

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