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RADIO BATCH CALL - unattended operation for precast plants

Radio Call belt mounted mobile transmitter calls for batches of concrete and allows mixer discharge on commandThe Radio Call option allows concrete plant operators to order batches and perform other operations from anywhere in the plant or yard. Crane operators or roving plant foremen can control production, eliminating wasted time and idle crews due to concrete not being available when needed. Several separate radio call links can be set up in the same plant to cater for multiple cranes or fork lift trucks.

The powerful VHF radio transmitter and receiver is designed for the heavy duty industrial environment of concrete plants. The transmitter is a battery powered belt holster unit with guarded switches for safe operation. The water and dust proof receiver can be located on any convenient surface and has a "rubber ducky" antenna mounted on its waterproof steel case. It wires directly into the batching control panel.

Radio Call local base transmitter/receiverFour channels are available; these can be programmed to function as four separate demands, each giving its own formula and batch size, or any combination of demands and other functions. Examples are 3 demands and remote mixer discharge control, 2 demands with conveyor raise/lower, 1 demand with conveyor raise/lower and start/stop etc. The applications are as wide as your imagination; if it can be controlled, it can be controlled by radio.

Special frequencies and digital codes are utilized by the radios to ensure complete security; similar radios are used to control cranes where safety is paramount. Two or more transmitter/receivers can be used on the same site if necessary, using different frequencies and codes. Range is 300 yards/metres or more, depending on building structure and contents. 

Special systems of up to 16 channels can be provided. Contact us for details.