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Trade shows in 2018

Scale-Tron will be exhibiting both Scale-Tron and Ocmer products at the following shows:

The World Of Concrete Show, details to come.  More information at World Of Concrete
The Precast Show,  February 22-24, Denver, CO, Booth 500. More information at

We look forward to meeting new faces as well as old friends.  See you there.

Batchtron has been upgradedOctober 2016 - Batchtron II upgrade

BatchTron II has new screen symbols.  For today's world of muted graphics and better usability, we have created a cool look to Batchtron's symbols.  In addition, users can now choose plant configurations from a huge selection of menu choices, with symbols and active buttons appearing on the operator screens when they are selected.  this allows installers and dealers to set up their batch controllers on-site without need for custom programming.  As we move forward, these screens will appear on our web pages.

AquaSense microwave moisture sensor for sand and granular productsSeptember 2016 - Introducing Aquasense

An all-new design, fully compatible with the previous hardware, BatchTron and all other control systems, AquaSense digital microwave moisture sensor builds on past experience to offer higher accuracy and speed as well as a simpler calibration interface.  Running on any PC computer, the setup and calibration app is the simplest ever.  Mixer moisture sensor AquaMix is also new, with a revised version of AquaControl mixer moisture controller.


August 2016 - New dealer, Axiom Industrial Manufacturing

Axiom Oilfield SolutionsAxiom's expertise is in the manufacture of Oilfield Equipment, Portable Batching Plants, Hazardous Materials Storage, Emergency Showers, Agricultural Equipment, and Pipe Handling Equipment.

With over 45,000 sqft of manufacturing space on 11 acres of land, the CWB certified manufacturing facility can meet your demands.

Based in Innisfail, AB, Canada, Axiom will  be representing  Scale-Tron’s full range of products with a territory stretching from Manitoba to the West Coast of Canada

For inquiries please contact Kevin Bennett (403) 227 2820

January 2016 - New dealer, Fesco Direct LLC

Fesco Direct LLC/logo.jpgFESCO Direct specializes in the sales and support of concrete plants and associated equipment, from new project planning to identifying and resolving production and quality issues relating to existing equipment and automation. The company represents a full line of equipment related to concrete production including controls, plants, sensors, water heating and more. FESCO's experienced team helps concrete producers identify and implement high quality, budget friendly equipment solutions. 

Based in Waukesha, WI. and covering  Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Texas.

For inquiries please contact Earl Sarabia  (262) 349-9436

July 2015 - Mobile Control in use at Lindsay Precast

Lindsay Precast's Rock Hill SC plant has been using the Mobile Control tablet computer for their operator interface for several months now and their general manager Pete Schmitt says "After the BatchTron control system, it's the best investment we have made.  No need for anyone to be in the control room;  we do everything from the tablet, making the whole operation more efficient".  Mobile Control runs on a portable tablet computer connected to the batching controller by WiFi.  It mirrors the batching screen and allows a roving operator to control all batching operations.  Contact us for more information.

April 2015 - High pressure Mixer Washout redesigned with lower cost

The High pressure Washout system now uses a smaller pump with washing heads sequenced instead of the previous method of running them all simultaneously.  This allows use of the full 1000 psi and 20 gpm pump output to give enormous washing power at a lower cost than before, making it affordable to even small precast operations.  More information

February 2015 - Concrete Products editorial on new plant, Twin Valleys Precast

See the article here:  Editorial, Concrete Products Magazine, February 2015

June 2013 - Concrete Products runs article on SiloWeigh.Net

See the article here:   Editorial, Concrete Products magazine, June 2013

October 2012 - All-New Fiber Bag Dispenser

Fiber bag dispenser videoOur first generation model used the spiral principle, seen in many vending machines, to dispense bags of the same size.  Its limitation, however, was that different bag sizes needed special setup or different spirals.  The new model eliminates this and gives a much more positive action;  it is virtually impossible to over or under-dispense.  Watch the action by clicking on the picture at left or visit our   
  Youtube video page.     Read more     Press release

WAM distributorship

Scale-Tron is now a certified distributor of WAM products, serving Quebec and all our existing customers.  WAM's products are well known and include filters and dust collectors, valves, silo equipment, vibrators and material handling equipment.  If you need replacements or new parts, call us.

December 2010 - credit cards accepted

We have seen more and more requests to pay for small items by credit card.  Not Paypal, which we have had for many years now, but credit cards directly.  We are pleased to announce that we can now accept all major cards, making it easier for you to pay for spare parts and any small to medium priced items.  Call, email or use Ask our Experts at left for instant information.

October 2010 - Moisture measurement for rotating pan mixers

MixTron Glider mount is used in rotating pan mixersThe MixTron Glider is an elegant solution to a difficult problem.  It acts like a ski or toboggan, allowing the MixTron moisture sensor to glide on the surface of the mix while measurements are being taken.  When measurement is finished, the Glider lifts out of the mix, reducing wear and buildup until it is time to measure the next batch.  The "ski" holds the sensor faceplate at a constant downward pressure in the mix, controlling density and eliminating air pockets that destroy accuracy.  The result is a highly stable, accurate reading that allows fast assessment of the moisture either before or during the addition of water.

See MixTron page for further information.